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4 Tips to Become a Social Media Marketing Guru

Thanks to the emergence of internet and technology, it’s much easier to connect with people across the globe. Gone are the days where we limit ourselves to interacting with people just around our vicinity because of geographical and language barriers. With just a click away, we’re now able to connect with people and exchange information with them.

The barriers are now crumbling down as we connect in a virtual world that keeps us up to date with the world at large. Social media has become an important part not only in our individual lives but also to our business.

Since more people are connecting through social media platforms, the need for businesses to increase their brand awareness is growing. The audience you gained from these platforms provides a remarkable capability to convert them into new, loyal customers.

How do we build our social media presence and make the most of the social media platforms to convert our customers into generation leads? Here are our top 4 vital tips on to become a social media marketing guru in no time.

1. Choose the Right Social Media Platforms For Your Niche

We’re not gonna lie when we say that you’ll be overwhelmed with the vast number of social media platforms on the net. While your goal is to reach out to your customers as much as possible, signing up on all social media platforms just won’t do. That will take you a lifetime to do. So, instead of trying to dominate all the social media platforms, try to determine which type of social media platform is good for your business. Here are some of our recommendations:

  • Facebook: For business with in-depth information to share
  • Twitter: Mostly for News, publishing, trending websites
  • Pinterest: Photography, Cooking, travel, hospitality businesses
  • LinkedIn: (B2B, or connecting to business-mind people)
  • Google+: Community-driven businesses

2. Remember to Update Your Platforms at least Every Week

One of the key points in managing a successful social media platform is your ability to update your page. If you’re not going to update your page for long periods of time, chances are, you’re going to lose your audience and customers. Updating your platforms occasionally will help you to stay connected with your customers.

Your audience would also love to hear more from you from time to time, so be sure to let them in what’s happening about your company or brand! Your customers would love to connect with you and can only do so through your stories.

3. Be in Contact with Experts

What’s great about social media platforms is that it not only allows you to connect with your audience, but it will also help you connect with other businesses, brands, and influencers that can boost you in your field. This is your chance to connect with like-minded people, converse with them as you build your business and professional network.

What’s more, you can learn new and exciting things from these influencers. As they are expert in the industry, they have more stories, tips, and advice that they are willing to share with a newbie like you. As you build your credibility and reputation in the online world, you’ll also be given an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise.

4. Conduct Special Services Such as Coupons and Discounts

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Your customers want to feel special and you can make sure that they do. Try to give out some special services, such as discount coupons, promos, contests, giveaways, so that they can maximize their shopping experience whenever they purchase your product or use one of your services.

Everyone loves a good discount so take advantage of that. Discounts and sales are also a great way for you to sell the items that didn’t do well during their first roll-out. Be creative so that you’ll be able to give your customers something new and exciting for them, rather than staying stagnant with your marketing strategy.

Gaining a solid audience reach with social media platforms may be difficult at first, but if you’ll learn. If you just play the cards right, they can be a powerful medium to promote your business. It will eventually lead to your company’s success.

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