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Sophie Turner Didn’t Say a Word to Her Parents when She Auditioned for ‘Game of Thrones’

“Game of Thrones” had done more than get people hooked, it had also catapulted some of the actors to worldwide recognition and more importantly, opened doors for greater opportunity.

The stars went on to become the biggest and the brightest and as twisted as the story arcs were, it ultimately showed the thespians’ talents. One of those that stood out was Sophie Turner, a British actress whose career was ignited by the HBO series.

Sophie Turner played Sansa Stark throughout the eight seasons of “Game of Thrones”

Could you ever imagine another person playing Sansa Stark? We all saw how the character, and others as well, practically grew right before our eyes! Sophie was just 13 when she started filming in 2011 as she was part of the original cast of the show. After eight years, we all saw how effective of an actress she was and how there could even be more in store for her.

Out of Fun

Recently, the 23-year-old revealed details about her audition to the project that shot her to stardom. Apparently, her trying out was just an agreed joke between her and her friends when the casting director Nina Gold was visiting multiple schools looking for the perfect actors to join the series. As brave as 13-year-olds are, Sophie and her pals decided to audition, but unfortunately, it was only her who got callbacks.

Sophie Turner had to tell her mom on the final round of the callbacks

In the interview with her “Dark Phoenix” costar Jessica Chastain, Sophie said that her parents had no clue that she was auditioning for a “Game of Thrones” part. But all secrets will eventually be known, they say, and her parents did learn of what their daughter had been up to when she finally told them.

Specifically, the wife of Joe Jonas divulged that it was during the final seven round when she revealed the secret to her mom, who was shocked by what she heard and freaked out.

The Good News

So, Sally called her husband and explained she didn’t know if they could do this. Sophie’s dad, who was more assuring, told his wife to let their daughter do this because it has always been what she wanted to do.

When she finally landed the role, everyone was happy, to say the least, and her fault of keeping the audition a secret was eventually buried. Plus, she got the good news while on a holiday, which meant it was sweeter than ever!

Joe Jonas’ Secret

Joe Jonas kept his surprise wedding to Sophie Turner in Las Vegas a secret from his parents

Speaking of secrets, her husband Joe also knows how to keep one from his parents, which also didn’t last that long. While an audition may be forgivable, the singer kept his Las Vegas wedding from his parents.

Sadly, they had to find out about this special milestone in their son’s life through their crew in their restaurant and then confirmed it on the internet. Can you say that it’s one of the things they have in common?

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