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Split-Up: Liam And Miley Cyrus Call It Quits On Their Marriage, For Now! Here’s What Happened!

In devastating news that has rocked the entertainment industry to its core, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth, the couple that was being recognized as symbolic of true love, just announced that they would no longer be living together. The pair had gotten married just less than a year earlier in a gorgeous ceremony, and fans of both the artists were absolutely jubilant about their union.

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Miley Cyrus has been together with Liam Hemsworth since 2010, but their relationship hasn’t been the most stable.

It’s not like Cyrus and Hemsworth did not know each other well enough to have now realized, after getting married, that they were maybe incompatible. Before tying the knot back in December last year, the two had shared a long relationship after having gotten close on the set of the film The Last Song released back in 2010. So what happened in their marriage that convinced these two to take a break? Let’s find out.

Separating For The Time Being

While the news of their split has obviously caused a lot of sadness among their fans and followers, there is still hope that the two may be able to work out their differences as their announcement says that the separation is the best thing at this time.

The announcement also made it clear that the reason why the two have felt the need to spend some time away from each other is that they are constantly evolving as individuals, probably referring to their changing priorities as time progresses.

They got married in a private ceremony and the world got to know about it only after it had happened.

According to the statement, the focus for both Hemsworth and Cyrus now would be to focus on building up their careers as well as their own individual self. Although the two don’t share any human children with each other, they are still parents to some very adorable animals that, as per the released statement, will continue to remain under their mutual care moving forward.

The statement also requested everyone to respect their privacy as the two go through this very difficult process.

Their Journey So Far

After having met on the set of The Last Song, Miley and Liam continued making headlines for the unusual amount of time the two had been spending together. And then we came to know that the two were indeed in a relationship with each other. However, it would be inaccurate to say that they have had a perfect relationship, considering the numerous times the two have broken up and gotten back together.

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Miley and Liam had met on the set of The Last Song and reportedly fell in love back then.

Finally, after around three years of togetherness, Liam decided to take the leap of faith and proposed marriage to Miley, who accepted his proposal. After getting engaged, the two again decided to call things off around a year later, but in 2015 they were again back together.

From their many statements, it had seemed like the two had a very modern view of relationships and perhaps did not want to get married at all, but then last year they exchanged vows in a  very intimate ceremony held in their hometown. It was said by a source close to Miley that the two were ready to get married as they had matured enough as individuals to make this decision. But now it seems like both of them need some more time.

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