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Stars Amidst the Pandemic- Here’s What Hilary Swank Has Been Up to these Past Few Months

It seems like it was only yesterday when Hilary Ann Swank appeared on our television screens in her breakout role as Julie Pierce, in The Next Karate Kid. Ever since then, it was nothing but success for the star, who went on to appear in several blockbuster movies like Boys Don’t Cry, The Gift, and Insomnia, winning many accolades throughout her tenure in Hollywood including Oscars and Golden Globe Awards.

It’s almost impossible to forget her Million Dollar Baby award acceptance speech, “I’m just a girl from a trailer park who had a dream.”

Twenty-six years later, one of Hollywood’s most glamorous and beloved leading ladies, sits perched atop a mountain in Colorado, surrounded by wildflowers in all their raw beauty, as she poses for a photoshoot.

Yu Tsai | Hilary poses for a photoshoot perched atop a mountain

The actress has been in self-isolation for the past four months at the same location, with her husband of two years, and her four furbabies. Having been in Iowa for her grandmother’s funeral before the global pandemic started, the couple had freaked out about the prospects of getting back home. The only option left available was driving back to Los Angeles in a rental, with a four-to-five-days stopover at Colorado. It seems like the area gave precisely the kind of peace that Hilary chases, making them prolong their stay for months.

Hilary’s Love for Dogs is Pretty Obvious

One look at Hilary’s Instagram feed is enough to understand just how taken she is by dogs. The star is quite vocal about the classism that she experienced from a young age, owing to the fact that she belonged to a lower socioeconomic background. Therefore, she found love in animals, who saw her for who she was, instead of what she had. From a young age, Hilary says, she knew that animals would be a part of her journey forever.

Yu Tsai | Her love for dogs goes back to when she was just a kid

As mentioned beforehand, Hilary currently has four dogs- all rescues. The actress notes that there are about 6 to 8 million dogs that need to be rescued every year in the United States, but sadly, only half of them are able to find homes. So, Hilary has made it a point in life always to get rescues, while also advocating the need for rescuing dogs to the world. She also owns a charity organization by the name Hilaroo that works for this very purpose.

Hilary’s Professional Life was on Hold For a While

Since her first role in Hollywood, up until 2014, Hilary worked tirelessly to make her mark in the world and ensure that her name would be remembered for years to come. However, the actress went on a break from her career when her father fell sick and required a lung transplant. Hilary was determined never to leave her father’s side in his difficult time and thought of taking a year off just for him.

Yu Tsai | The actress is slowly making her return to Hollywood

That year quickly turned into three years, as Hilary was unwilling to leave her father until he had healed completely. From what we know of the star, doing things halfway just isn’t her style. Gratefully, Mr. Swank is doing much better now, and so, we’re slowly seeing Hilary return back to Hollywood.

Earlier this year, we saw her in the role of Athena Stone in the thriller, The Hunt. The actress will also be playing the lead role in Netflix’s upcoming series, Away.

It looks like we all have amazing things to look forward to!

We don’t know about you, but we are extremely excited to see Hilary back on the big screen!

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