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The Stinking Rich But Stingy Billionaires

Thinking about billionaires, you could get a feeling that they have everything they want. They could be rolling in wads of money. It is definitely true that the amount of wealth possessed by billionaires is beyond the thinking of the average individual. True, some are even rolling around in the wealth they have accumulated. However, it is not impossible to find a few stinking rich but stingy billionaires. 

The richest folks in the world live in a world of their own. They are known to commit some excesses which the common people would either praise or heap scorn upon. Some of these billionaires need to be committed to a mental asylum for the efforts they make to save a paltry dollar. Today, let us today look at some of the individuals who belong in the list of stinking rich stingy billionaires.

“If you feel that you are a miserly stingy parsimonious guy,  at least let not that impression formed in the minds of others.”  ― Toba Beta

Who Are The Stinking Rich Stingy Billionaires? 

John Caudwell 

John Caudwell /Shutterstock

When compared to some of the other billionaires who live in America, the net worth of John Caudwell is worth just $2.2 billion. He has set new standards as a stingy individual. John has a particular lifestyle where he cuts his own hair to avoid wasting time by going to a barber. He even purchases his clothes off the rack from Marks & Spencer’s. Since he is a sportsman, his habits have raised questions about whether he just doesn’t like wasting time or whether he is a penny pincher.


Jim C Walton 

Walton inherited a $16.4 billion fortune from his father.  He even adds to it from his vast empire, which is Walmart. Walton also picked up his spending habits from his father. He drives around in an old Dakota while he can purchase Dakota North and South with the fortune he has accumulated. People easily wonder whether Walton would consider leading a better life. Unfortunately, he seems content with the way he is managing his wealth.

Azim Premji 

Azim Premji is one of the richest individuals in India. He has $17.1 billion at his disposal, which comes from the tech-services giant Wipro. Premji drives a Toyota Corolla, stays in company guest houses, and travels on business and sometimes flies economy. During the wedding of his son, he served the guests with dinner on paper plates. He also did not hesitate from picking up the rice after the ceremony. Azim Premji is reputed to have a simple lifestyle, and it is probably the reason why he refrains from the expenditure of an exorbitant kind.

Ingvar Kamprad 


With a fortune of $33 billion, the creator of IKEA should have had a few lavish touches around his mansion. However, he prefers to live in a modest place by utilizing the very furniture which made them rich. This man is considered as a genius and not an eccentric because he’s able to assemble furniture from IKEA without any help. He drives around in a 15-year-old Volvo and is happy flying economy when traveling. Whether you consider him cheap, unpretentious, or crazy is entirely at your discretion.


Warren Buffet 

Warren Buffet is worth $57 billion. Presently, he is the second richest individual in the United States. Warren Buffet still lives in the home he purchased back in 1931 for $31,000. The property was, in fact, constructed in the early 20s. He still drives around in an old Cadillac and lives on a diet of Coke and potato chips. He can be considered as the champion of the middle class. However, one cannot deny that Warren Buffet is perhaps trying to set an example for simple living.


When going through this discussion, you could wonder whether we are talking about billionaires or simply making a mention of Scrooges.  However, you should understand that these individuals are fully aware of the value for a dollar and don’t see any requirement to throw money around on basic comforts. Warren Buffet earned 90% of his wealth after the age of 60 and is presently mentioned that his wealth will be donated to an endowment after he passes away. These individuals are leading a life which the rich will be terming as frugal even as the average individual could be looking forward to calling them to stinking rich stingy billionaires. 

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