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Stormi Webster is Helping Mommy Build Her Fortune, Here’s How the 1-Year-Old Does It

The youngest of the reality clan Kardashian-Jenner showed us all that age is just a number in achieving our successes. Imagine, at 21, Kylie Jenner became the youngest self-made billionaire, while most people her age are still in college or busy with their first career.

With a fortune like hers, it would be ridiculous to stop while she’s still young and it would probably be wise to embark on another business venture.

Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie launched her own cosmetics line four years ago

It was in 2015 when the 21-year-old launched her brainchild, Kylie Cosmetics, initially selling lip kits. And as per reports, she started the business out of her earnings from modeling. Fast forward to today and the line has expanded to eyeshadow, brow liner, and many more. She had built her fortune and it seems that there’s no stopping that as she recently dipped her toes onto the sister turf of cosmetics, skincare.

The products that come in pretty pink packaging immediately sold out within six minutes after its launch, which speaks a lot about how many are willing to shell out money for what she brings to the market. You also have to consider that it’s a new line going head to head with more established brands that are guaranteed to be fan-favorites.

Dipping on the Skin Care Business

Thanks to her undeniable star factor on social media, Kylie doesn’t have to spend tons on marketing and advertising because she herself IS the brand and can do the job for free.

Apparently, Kylie Skin had been brewing for such a long time already before the billionaire announced the good news to beauty and skincare junkies. Thankfully, the mom of one has a rich history in putting up a business from scratch, at least she’s not at all clueless about this venture.

Stormi’s Role

Kylie is a mother to Stormi Webster

But apart from being a successful entrepreneur, she is also a mother to 1-year-old Stormi Webster, whom she shares with boyfriend Travis Scott. Head on over to her social media accounts and loads of photos of the baby deservedly pop out every now and then.

However, it seems that Kylie is already planning some big things for her bundle of joy as she was found to have applied for a trademark for Kylie Baby.

As per documents obtained, the brand will focus on baby stuff that will be handy for new moms like Kylie – some of which are cribs, car seats, strollers, changing tables, and skincare items that are safe for babies, as well as pumps and milk storage containers. Things that are attached to the reality star’s name are assured to be successful so it’s safe to assume that this will be a hit as well.

Stormi also inspired her mom to launch a set of make-up dedicated to her

Meanwhile, this wasn’t the first time Stormi helped mommy rake in money. Kylie released a set of cosmetics entirely inspired by the child, as evident on the packaging of the items.

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