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The Surprising Perk of Bringing Fried Chicken to the Met Gala, According to Tiffany Haddish

Are you familiar with the term “hangry”? It happens when you are so hungry that you become angry, so it actually is just a play on words. Most of us might have felt this at one point — when your mom takes too long to choose the perfect China plates, when your girlfriend is fitting a shirt in all the colors available, or when you skipped your lunch to finish a task.

The bottom line is you feel irritated about everything. The solution to this is easy: always bring your own food so you will never go hungry.

Met Gala Food Situation

This is also the answer for when you’re out and about at a party that you know will last for hours. Looking your best and sporting that outfit will surely leave you feeling awesome but that doesn’t mean you won’t feel hungry as the event goes on. Tiffany Haddish knows all about this as she came prepared for this year’s Met Gala, where celebrities and fashion industry’s who’s-who dress to impress, of course, in accordance with the theme.

The 39-year-old said she has an attitude when she is hungry

The actress revealed that she actually brought fried chicken to the event after learning a valuable lesson from last year’s gala. Tiffany narrated how there was not enough food for everybody, so that left her hungry, and, like some of us, her attitude changes when she’s hungry. In an interview, the “Secret Life of Pets 2” actress even quipped that she would hand over a piece to someone who’s showing her an attitude.

Secret Compartment

lev radin/Shutterstock
Tiffany Haddish rocked a silver and black Michael Kors outfit

Perhaps you are wondering where the huge pan of food was during her red carpet appearance, but you won’t likely guess where she kept it. The “Night School” actress looked amazing in her Michael Kors black and silver ensemble that was so sparkly, it was impossible to miss her.

To complement her pantsuit, Tiffany paired it with a matching clutch bag that was multi-purpose, if you can call it that. The designer accessory was where the 39-year-old placed her homemade chicken nice and comfy.


While you might think it was so unconventional, you must admit that it was a clever idea to bring food to the party without looking so obvious. Tiffany revealed a bag of Ziploc filled with 10 pieces of fried chicken to a reporter during an interview at the red carpet of the highly anticipated fashion event, and her being a generous gal, gave away two immediately.

The actress brought a Ziploc bag filled with fried chicken

That means Tiffany was left with eight. She was planning on eating around five of her fried chickens, but the word about her food immediately made rounds and everyone was asking her for it. In the end, she just was able to munch on one piece – but being selfless has a reward. In return for this, she got two designer dresses!

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