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Sylvester Stallone Spills The Beans on Rocky IV’s Making

Some people want “big” to happen; others contend with wishing it would happen; and then there are those who actually make it happen. Michael Jordan believed so, and so do we

Every day thousands of people enter the entertainment industry with dreams of becoming great artists. But only a few, who put their soul into their work, become legends. Sylvester Stallone is one such person. 


Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images | Sylvester Stallone’s documentary on YouTube is packed with juicy details about his ultra-hit movie series, Rocky

Recently the Daylight star released a documentary on his YouTube channel, and fans couldn’t believe what they heard.

A true hero!

On October 30, 2021, Stallone released The Making of Rocky vs. Drago by Sylvester Stallone on his official YouTube channel, and it was really shocking to hear that the film could have been the last of his life. No, we aren’t kidding! 


Sunset Boulevard/Corbis via Getty Images | During the main fight scene with Dolph Lundgren, Stallone urged Lundgren to be dominant so that it would look natural. But that move cost him dearly

In the one-and-a-half-hour clip, the actor revealed how his first fighting scene led him to the ICU in California and brought loads of pain and suffering with it. The 75-year-old said that the first day on the sets of Rocky IV was amazing.

Everyone was filled with enthusiasm and was ready to give their all to the project. The first shot was the entrance of Rocky, followed by the main fight scene with Dolph Lundgren (Rocky’s main competitor Ivan Drago in the sequel). Stallone described that he had urged Lundgren (an actor and a professional martial artist) to show a little dominance in the fight scene against him so that it would all look natural. But who knew that Lundgren would get so much into character that he would end up sending Stallone to the hospital! 

The actor shared that after the scene was shot, he felt normal for a few hours, but later, his blood pressure rose to 260, and he felt so light-headed that it was almost like he was talking to the angels. The next thing he noticed was that he was on a low-altitude emergency flight to California, and not much later, he was surrounded by nurses and doctors. The Oscar star continued that he stayed in the ICU for four days, and after returning, he finished the movie.

When asked if the punch that sent Stallone to the hospital was included in the film, the actor quickly replied with a ‘Yes.’ How could the makers remove it? After all, so much pain and hard work went into filming it! 


United Artists/Getty Images | After the scene was shot, for a few hours Stallone felt normal, but later his blood pressure rose to 260, and he eventually had to be taken to the hospital

A lesson for people!

On November 9, 2021, Stallone took to Instagram to encourage people to watch his documentary. Posting a short clip of the film, he wrote that if people haven’t seen the movie yet, they should do it right away because the documentary portrays what goes on in a filmmaker’s mind while filming. It shows how all the amazing shots are captured and what all things are required for it. Overall it’s a unique experience one should definitely witness.

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