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Why Taking A Cruise Is The Best Form of Vacation Travel

Cruising Is The Ultimate Vacation Adventure For Anyone With The Time To Spare

Ah, that perfect get-away-from-it-all experience! Taking a cruise is a luxury at its finest, and no wonder people save up a lot of money and block off their calendar for a month-long break that spells only relaxation, fun, and plenty of downtimes. While most travelers prefer to fly from one location to another, there are jet-setting vacationers who look forward to sailing the open seas and bask under the glorious sun as they are taken to different places in the world. Why do people go on a cruise aside from the fact that they have a lot of time and money in their hands? Well, they do it because of these five Cs:



It’s like a home away from home whenever you cruise. Most modern luxury liners boast of spacious cabins and amenities that let you enjoy your stay without feeling the least bit homesick. From fresh linens daily to pampering services like spas and massages, you are in for a treat and end up feeling like royalty. Feeling sick? The medical facility and crew will also be at your beck-and-call should you feel the need to get some basic medical attention. Traveling in luxury is what aptly describes going on a cruise, which you won’t experience when riding on a plane even under first-class. The cruise itself  IS your actual vacation time because of your way of living while on board.


If you think comfort is the only description of cruising, then this goes hand in hand with the convenience of having other facilities and features that you can choose from. Dining is a major concern for any traveler, and cruise ships provide a variety of restaurants to cater to your cravings. Luxury liners are known for their varied and mouth-watering cuisines available on board. Not feeling up to going to the restaurants? Then room service is your answer. What’s even more convenient is you can get off at the next port to go to places that you want to visit and hop on back to the ship to get to the next itinerary. Carrying your luggage around is not going to be a problem either because you just leave everything on the ship as you go on your land tour.


To suit your discriminating taste, cruise ships give you a wide array of establishments and activities while on board. Not everyone would want to spend their time partying inside the ship’s bar or listening to the singer. Perhaps a quite night underneath the stars sipping drinks or taking a swim at the pool would be what you want. A lot of options are available and at least one of those would surely catch your fancy.


One of the best things about taking a cruise is the people. By this, we mean your companions and the people you meet in the ship and whenever you dock. Cruising is the perfect way to bond with your family and friends because the experience gives you a lot of quality time to spend with them while doing things together. Cruising also allows you to meet different people and gain new friends – and sometimes if you’re in luck, find romance. The opportunities to develop and harness relationships abound.



Various activities and attractions await the traveler on board and when docking to a new place. It is the time to get adventurous and creative with the wide choices of ‘things to do.’ Shopping is also an adventure in itself, especially as you are faced with new cultures, different produce that you might not have seen before, and dealing with the locals as you haggle and buy souvenir items. And then there’s the food. You have the time to explore dishes that you’ve never tried before and perhaps get some of those delicacies when you get back. The possibilities are indeed endless, and you just have to keep an open mind and gamely participate in the exploration.

It is now easy to understand why cruising is the ultimate vacation of choice. Cruise passengers are among the happiest travelers, with more and more people opting to take a cruise for their grand vacation. People coming from a cruise almost always come home fully recharged, relaxed, and more often than not, sporting a nice healthy tan. So if you haven’t tried it yet, start planning your own trip now so as not to miss out on the unique experience.

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