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Taylor Swift Is Only Getting Richer, But You’d Be Shocked to Know The Real Source of Her Wealth!

Over the past few months, many media outlets have discussed the drama that unfolded between Taylor Swift and Scooter Braun, as the latter purchased rights to the music made by the former, allegedly without Swift’s knowledge.

It is every artist’s dream to own the rights to their own music, as naturally, one wants to own what one creates. However, we bet Swift is not too sad about it now that she has released her seventh album called Lover, as the rights to this one are under her ownership.

Taylor Swift has become one of the richest musicians in the world and is bound to become even richer now that even her seventh album is a huge success.

But still, even though she still does not own the rights to the majority of her music, Swift is rich enough to buy whatever she wants in the world. The singer is reportedly worth a massive $360 million, a figure that makes her richer than many other celebrities in the entertainment industry. These earnings have largely come from the extremely profitable tours that she has gone on over the years, with her most recent Reputation Stadium tour scoring a staggering $266 million in 2018.

Building Up A Fortune

Swift’s earnings are not only tied to her music but also with the endorsement deals she enters into with some of the biggest brands in the world, including Diet Coke and Apple. These are very lucrative moneymakers for the singer, and although she has to invest her time and endorse the product or service as per the terms specified in the contract, the job takes much less time compared to, say, making a new song.

Her efforts in partnering with big brands as well as consistently touring have led Swift to make more money in the year 2016 than some of her arguably more popular fellow singers, including Adele, who reportedly made almost half of what Swift earned that year.

Her Reputation tour has emerged as one of the most successful in US history.

However, touring is still the most lucrative moneymaker for Swift, as even her 2015 tour titled 1989 had grossed an impressive $250 million. That’s not all. With her tours, Swift has also reportedly been selling her merchandise as well, which averages to about $17 worth of sales per sold ticket.

Considering the fact that she sold over 2 million tickets in her Reputation tour, this is an additional $34 million in sales. Hence, it’s no wonder that Swift was declared by Forbes as the highest-earning musician for the year 2015 to 2016, having brought in around $170 million.

Investing Wisely

Swift’s Rhode Island residence is one of the most gorgeous mansions, both in appearance and location, that we have ever seen

Unlike many other celebrities who are in the habit of spending lavishly on things they don’t need, eventually ending up in huge sums of debt which become difficult to service with their dwindling popularity and success, Swift has been acquiring real estate property.

According to reports, the singer already owns an amazing portfolio of real estate worth around $84 million, with properties in Nashville worth $3 million and $2.5 million, in LA worth $2.85 million and also a staggering $30 million for a mansion located in the prestigious neighborhood of Beverly Hills. A Rhode Island abode also lists as one of Swift’s properties, valued at an impressive $6.65 million.

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