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Taylor Swift and Katy Perry Feud Update: Signs that They Buried the Hatchet

One of the juiciest feuds that greatly satisfies those who seek drama is that of pop stars Katy Perry and Taylor Swift, whose beef had long been up in the air that people might have forgotten how the two actually had started a rift.

But before they were enemies, the ladies were great friends, a thought that may have happened too long ago to remember. However, fans of the singers may find solace in the fact that more memories will be made by the two as they reconcile and rekindle their old bond.

Memory Lane

Those who stood by all the mess would know how nasty it went for the ladies. Let’s backtrack a bit to refresh your mind: in 2009, then budding artist Taylor tweeted that she was watching Katy’s “Waking Up in Vegas” music video and said she loves her, to which the receiver of the praise replied that she would love to write a song with the country singer.

Contrary to rumors, Katy and Taylor started out as friends before the big feud

They became close so much so that Taylor attended Katy’s birthday party that year. Things just turned sour in the next years. By 2010, Tay-Tay’s song “Dear John” was released, which was believed to be about John Mayer whom the “Roar” singer dated in 2012, which was kind of awkward.

In 2013, reports claim that three of Taylor’s dancers quit on her during her world tour just to join Katy. The following year, “Bad Blood” was released and people already knew who it was for. Katy retaliated by warning people of a certain Regina George that’s just hiding in sheep’s clothing.

Making Amends

Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” was allegedly inspired by her rift with Katy Perry

Long story short, the series of squabbles left a bad taste in the fans’ mouths. Things got even pettier when they released songs targeting the other party, which sounded exhausting at one point. The complicated relationship seemed to go on until last year, when they appeared to have exerted a few gimmicks to hint they want to reconcile.


First, Taylor shared to her followers an olive branch, which symbolizes peace, that came with a note from Katy, which screamed burying the hatchet in the past – indeed, a great step that was soon followed by more kind acts. Recently, eagle-eyed fans noted that the country singer-turned-pop star discreetly added “Never Really Over,” a hit by the “American Idol” judge, to her Apple playlist.

It was believed that Taylor Swift sent these cookies to Katy Perry

What better way to end a feud than on a literally sweet note – Katy posted a photo of a plate of chocolate chip cookies with a written “Peace at Last” icing. It didn’t look as if these were bought in stores, but more like home-baked, which prompted the fans to conclude that it came from the blonde artist. The “Roar” singer also tagged Taylor, who left 13 pink hearts as a comment.

But perhaps, the greatest confirmation that they are now getting along is Taylor’s music video for “You Need to Calm Down,” where Katy, as well as drag queens, made a cameo.

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