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Taylor Swift Made The Most Money Among Musicians Last Year, And This Is How She Did It!

Hollywood does not have any shortage of successful celebrities that have become ultra-rich thanks to the phenomenal fame they have garnered over the years, through their unique talent and persistent hard work. Of course, not all of them are getting paid the same wages, and Taylor Swift is a prime example of that fact.

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Taylor Swift has become an icon in the American music industry and is recognized around the world for her unique voice.

The singer, who has become globally famous for her musical prowess, reportedly generated a whopping $185 million income in the past year, on a pre-tax basis, making her the highest-paid celebrity in the entire world. This brought her cumulative net worth to a staggering $360 million, which includes all of her real estate investments in the country worth approximately $84 million.

Making A Fortune

According to details reported by Forbes, the Love Story singer managed to generate most of her earnings from the Reputation tour, performing across the country. This tour brought in gross earnings of approximately $266.1 million and became the highest-grossing in the history of the US. Her net worth has been reported after adjusting for the generous donation the singer made to the LGBTQ advocacy group called the Tennessee Equality Project, which amounted to around $113K.

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Her iconic Love Story song became a hit across the world after being released in 2009 as part of her Fearless album.

Judging by the massive success of her Reputation album, it can be safely said that the singer is all set to break records yet again. Reputation managed to sell over two million records domestically, which is an impressive number in itself. Combine that with the success of the accompanying tour, and the album undoubtedly became a mega-hit. This and the fact that Swift has 10 Grammy Awards to her name builds a solid case for the argument that Taylor Swift, for sure, has become a global music icon.

A Growing Influence

We have seen Taylor’s influence grow steadily over the years, ever since her first album came out back in 2006 called Taylor Swift. From that point till now, she has completed six albums and is now working on her seventh one. All of her albums went on to achieve the platinum status, which is a rare feat for any musician to achieve. In fact, the album called 1989, which Swift released back in 2014, managed to sell over 3.7 million records, the most that any album was able to sell in that year.

Although now the trend in the music industry has changed and singers are no longer using the long-lead cycle when it comes to releasing their albums, which basically refers to the completion of an album within an average three-month time frame, Taylor is sticking to this model for now.

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Swift’s Reputation tour was the most lucrative one in history, as per reported earnings figure.

This is in stark contrast to many other musicians who have changed the time period they take when releasing their music, usually taking less than three months to release a new album. According to reports, this change came about after Beyonce surprised everyone by launching an album in 2013 at a time when the industry least expected it, prompting others to abandon the long-lead cycle methodology and shift to a more strategic approach to releasing music.

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