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Things You Don’t Need To Do When You Turn 24

People always anticipate being adults because it’s the most exciting phase in life. This is where one gets the first job, became independent and free to finally do the things they want. It’s time to abandon the unpleasant situations and occurrences of the past as you pave the path to the future.

And speaking of unpleasant past in life, it’s time for you to look back and assess yourself. You need to evaluate your mannerisms, our horrible habits, and stop doing them now that you are 24 years old. 

Here are the things you don’t need to when you hit 24. If you abandon them, only then can you actually move forward to achieve your dreams!

Stop Buying Cheap and Unclassy Clothes


When you were just a teenager or a young adult, people understood if you fell in love cheap clothes, no matter what the style was. You really didn’t have much choice with your clothing preference as long as it was comfortable and it is affordable. After all, with only a small allowance up our sleeves, you could only settle for less. No harm was done, right?

However, now that you are 24 years old and an adult at that, it’s time for to reconsider your style of clothing. Now, more than ever, you need to be presentable as you attend work, face your employer, or even your customers. Remember that you’re not a child anymore. You’re now a working professional, so it’s only appropriate that you act like one. Same goes with your choice of clothing. Choose presentable clothes (but still within your budget range) rather than those cheap clothes that will only last in your wardrobe for a week or two.


Stop Dating Unsuitable Ones

Most of us had, suffice to say, an adventurous love life. There are many times where we had a crush on someone, got into a relationship that ended in a breakup. Others may have had tons of flings and one night stands here and there. Blame it on the stupidity and hormones of the youth. However, now that you’re an adult, you need to reassess your view and insight about love and relationships. 

The truth is, when you become an adult, you can hardly find time to do all the things you want. You don’t have time for flings and affairs either. Now is the time to get serious. Don’t settle for anything less, more so for the unsuitable ones. If you are trapped in an unworthy and painful relationship, break free. If you don’t have time for dating, then don’t. Time is essential, so learn to prioritize.  Just remember that whatever your choice is, love will come to you at the right time.

Stop Caring what Other People Think Of You



We are all guilty of this. Because we are a social creature in nature, we tend to please everybody. Every person aspires to be on everyone’s good side. We tend to do things and even make sacrifices just to be acceptable in the society. However, as you grow older and reach adulthood, you’ll realize that you cannot please everyone. 

In reality, someone will always say bad things about you no matter what you do. Instead of trying to be someone’s shadow, break free and learn to accept yourself. Just be yourself. Remember that this life is about you, so live it to the fullest by doing the things that make you happy. If you don’t, you might regret it when everything’s too late.


Stop Living in Denial About Your Finances

Do you remember the days when your parents gave you everything you wanted? By just pointing at anything, you could get in in a snap. Sadly, you did not realize just how much money your parents were sacrificing for you. But now that you are finally learning, it is time to manage your finances wisely. You need to learn how to budget, save, and spend money if you want to sustain your life without falling into debt.


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