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Tips on How to Organize Your First Office

Setting up your office for the first time can be overwhelming. Once you get an office, there’s a lot that you still need to do to make it look presentable. You need to purchase workstations, couches, chairs, and the stationery. You are likely to be confused on where to start first and most of all, how are you going to set your office up. In this article, we are providing you some tips on how to make this a walkover. 

 Consider Your Budget

The first thing that you need to do is to consider your budget. This will help you determine whether you need a spacious and expensive office workspace or start with a small workspace that is expandable in the future. Apart from that, you need to balance between the cost of your office’s rental, bills, and for the salary of your future employees. Therefore, you need to set up a realistic budget that the company can withstand for a long period before profits start to flow in.

Choose Your Location

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Once you have sorted out your budget, you need to look for a strategic location of your office. You need to conduct research about this depending on your target market. For instance, if you specialize in architecture, you should have your office in a shopping district. You also have to consider the accessibility of your location as well as the utilities and amenities used in the workplace.

Does the town of tour choice follow the safety codes for earthquake and other disaster prevention response protocols? Do you have to connect the utilities such as electrical and water by yourself? More importantly, your workspace should not only promote productivity for your business, but your employees should also enjoy their working environment.

Gather Your Resources


If you already have the capital to buy your office requirements, you need to determine where to get them at an affordable price. This is important since you do not want to drain your capital. Consider your floor plan and where to source your software and hardware. Here are a few helpful resources: 

  • SmartDraw – Create office plans, building plans, and more at SmartDraw.
  • BCC – Visit BCC for all of your IT support and structured cabling needs.
  • Office Setup – You will find loads of great ideas on setting up an office on Pinterest.
  • Office Tools – Get practice management software and educational resources about the tax preparation and public accounting industry on this website.
  • Gliffy – To create an exciting floor plan for your office, visit Gliffy.

Finishing touches

Once you have organized everything from finding a suitable location to finding a suitable workplace and installing all the amenities, you should move in. This is the exciting yet tiring part. Here,  you should add touches that are unique to you, your business, and your employees. Have posters with inspirational quotes, paint certain colors to promote a relaxed atmosphere, and use lighting that is not harsh. These are all little things, but they all add up to create the perfect office atmosphere for your business.

Think you already have everything to finally have your business running? Then get started! Remember that this office of yours is not only your workspace; it is also your new home. This is where you will build your dream together with your team toward success. Your office should serve as your empire as you get ready to dominate the business world.

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