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Tips for Executing the Perfect Road-trip on a Budget this Summer

Sitting at home watching pictures from the previous year’s trips are sure to give you the blues this time around. And that’s primarily because the pandemic has put an unpleasant stop to travel. But with lockdown restrictions getting lifted off, several families have started venturing out for trips to drive away from the boredom.

Now, thinking of going on a trip and actually planning one are two different things. You need to consider a lot of stuff before setting out, including the financial aspects. In today’s economically challenging environment, some people may not be able to afford costly air travel. But taking road trips is thankfully still within reach!


Unsplash | A road trip might be the best cool-off vacation idea this summer

So, if you’re planning to get tanned this summer, why not head out for a summer trip on the road? These awesome budgeting ideas are sure to help along the way.

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Ensure the car you’re using is in mint condition

Don’t assume that your car will run smoothly all through if you got it serviced a year ago. Before you hit the road, make sure your vehicle can take the heat, the speed fluctuations, the sudden braking, and the constant air-conditioning. Get it checked by a professional so that you don’t run into any issues when traveling. A broken-down vehicle can not only ruin your holiday mood but also incur a substantial repairing bill.


Unsplash | Before setting out, get your vehicle serviced and carry enough food and drinks to last for the entire duration you’re on the road

Carry your own food and drinks

When you set out on a road trip, you’ll have to stop at refueling stations from time to time and also buy food. You might even need to stay the night at a road-side motel.

While you can’t do much about the overnight staying if you’re with your family, you can skip buying overpriced food at stopover stations. While the $20 or $30 meal that you buy may seem like little expense, these small spending can accumulate throughout the trip to make quite a substantial amount. To overcome this problem, carry some drinks and food in your vehicle. You could even think of renting in-vehicle refrigeration or cooler to keep the eatables fresh.

Don’t spend too much on fuel

Fuel prices vary from one station to another. Don’t leave refueling to the last minute, or you might have to make do with whatever rates you get charged. As soon as you see the needle dipping, stop at the next reasonably priced station, and fill up. There are a few apps that can help you to know which stations provide the best-priced fuel. Also, try paying in cash instead of a credit card; you may be able to save on the commission.

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Unsplash | Refuel only at budget stations (use apps to find these), also, try saving as much fuel as you can

Wrapping it up

Don’t feel defeated or limited by this pandemic. If you keep safety precautions in mind, you can step out for short vacations. A few reasonable steps can allow you to have an unforgettable holiday on a budget. Keep the tips mentioned above in mind, and you’re good to go!

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