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Tom Brady May Not Be The Most Expensive, But He Certainly Has a Heart Of Gold

There are many misconceptions when it comes to the compensations being generated by football players, as people usually assume their favorite NFL player would be earning one of the highest paychecks in the entire sport.

Tom Brady is one fine example of this fact, as many Patriots fans would easily call him the best quarterback to have ever existed in the sport, and hence deserving of a handsome salary.

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Tom Brady is considered to be one of the most successful football players of all time

While there is no denying the legacy which Brady has established during his time playing in the NFL, it’s a fact that he is not the highest paid player in the sport, by far. For example, the Seattle Seahawks’ player Russell Wilson has a contract which promises to pay him a hefty $35 million every year till 2024. In comparison, Brady’s compensation for his services is a mere $15 million per year.

Doesn’t Need It

However, we bet a major reason why Brady is not commanding a heavy paycheck is that he is simply not interested in making a lot of money anymore. It’s all about winning to him, and he is maintaining a razor-sharp focus on the game.

He is worth an estimated $185 million on his own, which is enough money to last him a lifetime. And this, combined with the net worth of his gorgeous wife, supermodel Gisele Bundchen, estimated at a whopping $400 million, must offer enough reassurance that making more money needs to be at the very end of his priorities.

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Both Brady and Gisele Bundchen make an amazingly gorgeous couple. The two got married in 2009

All About Winning

Brady reconfirmed the fact that he voluntarily does not demand a heavier paycheck during an appearance on the show called Jimmy Kimmel Live!. During the interview, Brady commented that his teammates were an absolute pleasure to work with, and they offered him enough support to ensure he remained focused on winning. Also, the fact that his wife made a lot of money herself, Brady thought it wise to not distract himself by pushing for more compensation, especially when he did not really need it.

While this may seem like a pointless move by Brady, what many of us don’t realize is that the entire New England’s Patriots team benefits from Brady commanding a smaller compensation. According to Brady, there is a salary cap which the team can pay out to all its players, which means that if one player is offered a higher salary, that increase is covered by a proportional reduction in the salaries being offered to the rest of the team, vice versa.

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For Brady, the strength of his team is more important than the size of his paycheck.

So essentially, the fact that Brady charges a smaller sum means that there is more money available to be spent on the rest of the team. This means that he gets higher quality team players compared to a scenario in which he would be given a higher salary, and this supports his goal and priority of winning the game.

This is what makes Brady one of the best in the sport: a player who does not prioritize his own personal gains, but the benefit of the entire team.

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