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It Took Robin Tunney Three Years to Find This House, And it is The Stuff Of Our Dreams!

Searching for the perfect house is never easy. It usually takes months, if not years, for people to find an accommodation that fits their needs and wants, perfectly. While most people eventually have to compromise on a few features and settle into a house that best fits their requirements, actress Robin Tunney has been lucky to have found the house of her dreams.

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Robin Tunney is known for playing the character of Sarah Bailey in the 1996 film The Craft.

However, it has been a few years now since she moved into the place along with Nicky Marmet, her long-time partner, and the house looks absolutely gorgeous thanks to the fact that Marmet is by profession an interior designer.

Taking Their Time

Although having an in-house interior designer does have its perks, especially if he has designed homes for big Hollywood stars like Robert Downey Jr., according to Tunney it also caused a lot of delays before the couple could finally settle down. Apparently, the house did not have any furniture for the first couple of years, as Marmet wanted everything to be perfect. In Marmet’s words, he wanted the house to take inspiration from the 60s era and mix it up with a contemporary theme.

It would take most of us only a few months to search for the perfect house for ourselves, mostly because our requirements are very limited compared to Hollywood celebrities. But it took Tunney and Marmet around three years before they finally found the house of their dreams, one that not only had a driveway but also a yard (as they wanted their son to have ample room for outdoor activities).

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Combined with modern furniture, a midcentury house looks absolutely amazing.

A Gorgeous Accommodation

The house is situated in the coveted Beverly Hills region and was designed by the same person who owned and lived in it till the end of his life, Morris Levine, a sculptor by profession. Accommodation-wise, this property has four bedrooms as well as three bathrooms with an additional half bathroom. The backyard of the house also has a swimming pool installed into it, and the house is designed in a manner that it allows natural lighting to enter the interior very nicely.

According to Tunney, many houses available in the market that belong to the mid-century era are made with cheap materials, so even though they look perfect from a distance, a closer inspection often reveals cracks in the walls or broken handles. However, with this house, since the maker of the house intended to live in it as well, he made sure to use only the best quality of material available.

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Ample amount of openings ensure adequate natural lighting throughout the house.

Adding the Modern Element

It’s rather easy to fill up a house like this with furniture from the same era, but Tunney believes one should know where to draw the line between making a house liveable and making it an art piece. Since the house already added enough of the mid-century feel to the mix, both Tunney and Marmet found it wise to bring in modern-styled furniture, such as an L-shaped sofa. And they have done an excellent job in making the house their own, even if it has taken them years to reach this point.

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