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Top 5 YouTube Challenges of All Time

YouTube is taking the world by storm. It is not just because of funny or inspirational viral videos, but also the “challenges” people post. There are now over 20 challenges that have gone viral and they are so famous that even celebrities have actually tried them. We are going to list down the Top YouTube Challenges of All Time!

5. The Egg Roulette Challenge

This challenge had gone so viral that it is NOT JUST ON YOUTUBE anymore because The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon now has a segment dedicated to it. And what is so great about it is that our all time favorite Hollywood celebrities get to try it out as well like Anna Kendrick, Bradley Cooper, Zac Efron, Tom Cruise and many others.

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What You Need:
10 Eggs (5 RAW – 5 BOILED)

How Does the Challenge Work?

So basically how the challenge works is that you get an egg and smash it into your head, if it’s raw then your opponent gets a point (and you get smelly) but if you get a boiled egg, you get a point. This game needs 2 or more people and the more people, the more eggs you need.

The most viewed Egg Roulette challenge on YouTube is by Rosanna Pansino with 18 Million views.

4. The Bean Boozled Challenge

So this challenge was inspired by the Harry Potter fictional candies called “Berti Bott’s Every Flavour Bean” (although you can actually get it as a Harry Potter merchandise now). Basically, it is a box of jelly beans consists of some amazingly delicious flavor and the not-so-delicious ones. The trick is that you wouldn’t know whether you got a good or a bad one unless you actually try it.

The candy story Jelly Belly made their own version of this and it is called Bean Boozled which is what almost every YouTuber uses for this challenge.

What You Need:
A box of Jelly Belly’s Bean Boozled

How Does the Challenge Work?

This challenge needs at least 2 people. So how it works is that you get the wheel (included inside the box) which has photos and flavors of the beans and the player spins it. Whatever beans it points, that is what you will eat. The fun begins when a player gets a “bad beans”. The player who gets the yummiest beans win. Here are the sample flavors of the jelly beans: Juicy Pear/Booger, Peach/Barf, Chocolate Pudding/Canned Dog Food.

3. Ice Bucket Challenge

This is probably the most famous challenge on social media. The Ice Bucket Challenge or also known as the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was done for the benefit of the people with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.

What You Need:
A bucket full of ice

How Does the Challenge Work?

The Challenge involves a person and a bucket of ice. The person has to dump the bucket of ice on his head in order to feel the numbness that people with ALS feel. After that, the person nominates anyone he wants to do the challenge and what is so great about this is it is not just for fun but also for good will. Every person who does this challenge is highly encouraged to donate to an ALS Foundation.

Many celebrities have tried out this challenge including Oprah, Lebron James, Niall Horan, Chris Pratt and a whole lot more. The most viewed Ice Bucket Challenge on YouTube was by athlete Christiano Ronaldo and business magnate Bill Gates.

2. The Whisper Challenge

This challenge is perfect when the family gets together or for friends hanging out. This challenge is so famous that it has been featured on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon with celebrities like Kristen Stewart and Margot Robbie

What You Need:

How Does the Challenge Work?

Unlike the previous challenges, this game is strictly for two people. It involves some music from the phone and headphones. One person would listen to the music through the headphones while trying to guess what the other person is saying. That is basically it, but the fun part is when the person wearing the headphones couldn’t figure out what the other person is saying.

1. The Chubby Bunny Challenge

And last but definitely not the least is the chubby bunny challenge, This is probably the oldest challenge since it has been around longer than the previous ones on our list.


What You Need:
A Lot of Marshmallows

How Does the Challenge Work?

This challenge needs two or more people. It doesn’t really matter how many, but the more the merrier. So basically the rules of the challenge are to put as many marshmallows as you can while saying the words “CHUBBY BUNNY” and whoever has the most marshmallow in the mouth wins.


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