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Singer Lance Bass, Reveals That He Made “WAY MORE” Money After NSYNC

Since his days as a member of the popular 90’s boy band, NSYNC, Lance Bass has become a household name. After leaving the pop band in 2002, he has gone on to find success in various business ventures and investments. But did you know that he actually made more money after his stint with NSYNC?

BBC / Lance Bass argues that people “assumed” that he was rich while the singer was a member of NSYNC. But he was not!

Here is a look at how Lance Bass became financially successful after leaving the group.

NSYNC’s Quick Rise to Fame

In 1995, five young men – Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez, Joey Fatone, Chris Kirkpatrick, and Lance Bass – formed what would soon become one of the most iconic pop bands of their time, NSYNC. In a mere two years, the band had sold over 17 million albums worldwide.

Consequently, earning them over $150 million in profits and becoming one of the biggest acts in music history.

Lance Bass’s Post-NSYNC Ventures

After leaving the group in 2002, Lance Bass ventured into various business endeavors. He invested in real estate, owned restaurants, and launched several other business ventures.

USA Today / Lance Bass reveals that he was not “that rich” when he was part of the pop band – NSYNC.

However, it was his investments that paid off in a major way. Consequently, allowing him to make more money than he ever did as an NSYNC member.

The Secrets Behind His Financial Success

So how did Lance Bass become so financially successful? By making smart investments with his money and leveraging his celebrity status, he was able to generate more income than ever before.

However, the 44 years old singer invested in real estate, technology companies, and entertainment projects. All of which paid off in a big way. In addition, Bass found success in various business ventures. These include producing reality television shows and writing books.

Lance Bass Today

Today, Lance Bass is a successful entrepreneur and businessman who continues to make smart investments with his money. Thanks to his savvy financial decisions over the years, he has earned millions more than what he made during his time with NSYNC.

GTN / Lance Bass, 44, is now one of the most successful and famous hosts of our time.

From investments to appearances on popular TV shows such as Dancing With The Stars, Lance Bass continues to prove that you can start from humble beginnings and still make it big.

The Staggering Net Worth of Lance Bass

As one of the most recognizable faces from NSYNC, Lance Bass had an impressive career since leaving the group in 2002. His investments and business ventures have generated a staggering net worth over the years. And it is only growing.

In 2020, Lance was estimated to be worth around $25 million. This is largely due to his savvy investments, endorsement deals, and business endeavors. Not only did he invest in real estate and stocks. But he also worked as a producer on reality TV shows. He also landed a series of endorsement deals with companies such as Pepsi and Playtex.

In 2020, Lance announced that he was launching a new venture capital firm called SGC (StarGeneration Capital). With this venture capital firm, Bass hopes to help aspiring entrepreneurs turn their dreams into reality by investing in businesses that are focused on social good. By investing smartly and leveraging his celebrity status for profit, Lance is likely to add even more money to his already impressive net worth in the coming years.

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