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This Travel Company Promises to Take Adventure Seekers to The Unlikeliest of Yacht-Friendly Travel Destinations

Whenever people think of superyachts, warm destinations like the South Pacific islands and the Mediterranean typically come to mind. They’d be surprised to know that a luxury travel company is focusing on making the opposite possible though. Instead of a holiday lounging in the sun, Cookson Adventures is taking adventurous travelers on a superyacht to the coldest of places.

Reaching the Poles

Travelers can enjoy various amenities as they take in the beautiful Antarctic vistas aboard a yacht

Cookson Adventures is now offering clients the opportunity to travel in comfort and luxury to the Antarctic Peninsula in the South Pole, one of the most remote places on Earth, on one of their yachts. Although Antarctica is not the most hospitable of places, guests can enjoy their stay there aboard a fully refurbished superyacht complete with a hot tub, a media room, and a submarine, which can be used to explore the fascinating world of the icy continent’s waters.

Travelers are also given the opportunity to experience the terrain firsthand through a stay at the private camp on the ice. Of course, also on board with the guests are four polar experts to make the trip run smoothly.

This said the company is certainly a trailblazer when it comes to extreme travel. Its founder Henry Cookson reportedly holds the Guinness World Record for being the first to reach the exact center of the icy continent called the ‘Southern Pole of Inaccessibility’.

For Environment-Conscious Thrill Seekers

The trip includes a helicopter ride so adventurers can see the beauty of the Antarctic terrain from above

The incredible itinerary that travelers can expect from the trip was organized by a group of travel experts including Ofer Ketter, a deep-sea submersible pilot, and Neal Bateman, an ex-broker and former yacht crew. They are also backed by the company’s long experience in making yacht-based travel itineraries, which they’ve been doing since 2009.

Aside from catering to the high-end adventure-seeker market, Cookson Adventures also has the environment in mind. The company’s CEO Adam Sebba says that each of their trips supports the Clear Ocean Pact and that they make sure to always leave the places they explore in a better state than when they reached them.

Chilly Destinations

Ulannaq Ingemann/Shutterstock
Although around 50,000 people live in Greenland, almost all of its surface is covered in ice

Aside from the South Pole, Cookson Adventures also offers trips to other offbeat and chilly destinations around the world. One can reach the Norwegian archipelago Svalbard with the company. Located in the Northern Hemisphere, the place boasts of remote terrains, polar bears, and other wildlife from walruses to whales.

Another difficult-to-access destination is Greenland, which the Cookson team describes as a difficult place to explore, that is unless one owns a yacht. The Danish territory boasts of even more wildlife including reindeer, narwhals, muskoxen and many more.

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