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Tribute to Obama: Things You’ll Surely Miss about This POTUS in 2017

Barack Hussein Obama was moved to tears when he had his meaningful farewell speech on January 10, 2017 – especially during the part where he thanked his wife, Michelle. Just like him, many people were also caught teary eyed. They were really touched by one of the world’s most influential leaders’ message. The said moment gave all the feels as Obama rendered his last message as the POTUS (President of the United States of America). It was filled with gratitude, optimism, wisdom, hope, and love for everyone.

To give back to whatever President Obama does for you and the rest of the world, we reminisce and go through some of the things that we’ll surely miss him.

The Obamas’ Awesome Marriage

They are true partners in every sense, and that shines through every time they are together. Barack’s love for Michelle is rare and very commendable. And as he waved to her at his farewell speech, he again thanked his wife for being with him every step of the way.

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Obama: “For the past 25 years you have not only been my wife and mother of my children, you have been my best friend. You took on a role you didn’t ask for. And you made it your own with grace and with grit and with style, and good humor. You made the White House a place that belongs to everybody. And a new generation sets its sights higher because it has you as a role model. You have made me proud, and you have made the country proud.”

The Coolest Dad Ever

The way he loves his girls, Malia (18) and Sasha (15), makes him a better man. He gives his daughters pieces of advice about anything and everything under the sun. He cracks some “terrible” dad jokes, and shares how he’s cool with his daughters dating, saying that he’s “pretty relaxed about it.”

In his farewell speech, he told his daughters, “Of all that I have done in my life, I am most proud to be your dad.” His girls never fail to surprise, enchant, and impress him more and more every single day. It is evidence of their mother’s incredible influence.

His Love for Bo and Sunny – The Obamas’ Dogs

Bo and Sunny are the first family’s Portuguese water dogs. Who wouldn’t miss seeing Bo (named after Barack Obama’s initials, BO) and Sunny frolicking through the White House lawns? These dogs were completely unaware that they’re the dogs of the most famous and important family in America. We’ll miss their black curly fur, huge ears, doggy grins, as well as their “rambunctious” personalities.

His Friendship With His VP, Joe Biden

The country’s top two leaders have taught the world how good BFFs should be – no pretentions, pure love, and fraternity. Their positions in politics didn’t hinder their desire to share a bond that goes beyond their being colleagues and fellow leaders, but also formed a brotherhood! And Obama also thanked Joe Biden by saying, “…You were the first decision I made as a nominee, and it was the best. Not just because you have been a great vice president, but because in the bargain I gained a brother.”

His Love For Kids

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He’s playful and loses his cool whenever he meets kids. His rapport with children is really admirable. The way kids steal Barack’s heart likewise steals everyone else’s. With so much sincerity and humility, Obama seems to stop his world whenever he sees a child. He just couldn’t get over a cute kid, especially when the little one is in a costume or wears the best smile. For him, it’s just so irresistible!

The video clearly shows how he loves children and values spending time with them. These very light moments with him only prove that he is just like everyone else around.

Since Barack started his office as POTUS on January 20, 2009, we can’t deny his accomplishments as well as his noble efforts to bring change to the country and the world as a whole. It’s no doubt – lots of people will surely miss him, his family, and his values. He and his administration didn’t just leave a legacy but an inspiration that will light everyone’s path to success.

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