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Girls, Avoid These Types Of Relationships!

There are many types of relationship that exists in the world. Sometimes, these relationships get us THROUGH bad days; some get us on worst days. This link you create toward others is an asset that could build you up or tear you down without you realizing. It is best to know the ones you need to avoid.

You can never control who you fall in love with, even when you’re in the most sad, confused time of your life. You don’t fall in love with people because they’re fun. It just happens.”— Kirsten Dunst 


Why would you settle for something that keeps you on the gray area? Boundaries need to be established, and standards need to be set. You are amazing, and you deserve some acknowledgment. You would be wasting your time, and effort by continuing this. If labeled ones can be destroyed in one snap, how hard would it be to erase the trace of unlabeled connection? If the guy really wants to be with you, he already did. And because you chose to be an option, maybe you are.



People in this relationship suffer from both physical and emotional violence. When your guy shows a sign of short temper, you should start running the other way. This guy is meant to destroy not only your dignity as a woman but could potentially end you. As his temper progresses, the chance of physically hurting you escalates. What is even troubling about this is the scars it will leave you even when all the wounds have healed.


This relationship should be avoided because the cycle is a never-ending limbo. What you fought for last month, last week, and last night will be the same arguments you will fight against in the future. You will be stuck in a time-warp, and by the time you realize that you’ve lost the chance to find someone else, you’ll have wasted an investment. Love is an investment where you gave effort, time, and affection. Don’t waste it trying to hold on to something that won’t let you grow.



You think it’s romantic just to wait and love the person even when he is not in love with you. You find unconditional love sweet. Let me break it to you that one-sided love is not healthy. You get to give everything, even more than what you can offer, and the other doesn’t even see it. Find a love that would love you in return. The purpose of relationships is to keep you happy, bring joy to both parties. Don’t let potential love pass you by while you’re waiting for something that may never come.


The difference between this relationship and the ‘no label’ is that this relationship ends up in bed. Yes, you may find it satisfying —the romance and sweet words he utters during those intimate moments you both share— and yet, he is not making a move to make you official and exclusive. The fact is, you satisfy only a part of him, not all. Why would you let someone degrade you that way?


This relationship is pointless. Staying is not an option because a good relationship is built on the triad of love, respect, and trust. How can you live in peace knowing deep inside that your partner is lying to you? It is not just him who is lying because you are also tricking yourself that this could work.


This relationship makes no sense. Your guy seems so near yet so far. He comes and goes any time he wants. You adjust and next for the next two weeks, he remembers you again.  Again, he comes before you are left alone by yourself longing for his attention.


Have you been in a relationship where you argued about a mistake and found out that you were suddenly working about yours? Your partner can be quite subtle about shifting the blame from him to yours. It is best to avoid this because the reason for shifting the blame to you is his difficulty in accepting that he is wrong. And what could you do? Be wrong all the time, that is.

There is nothing wrong with trying to make things work. Who knows; they may actually work! However, bear in mind that you cannot change the guy. He can only change by himself. Find a relationship that is worthwhile.


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