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This Celebrity Interviewer Asked 21 Billionaires How They Did It, And Here’s the Answer!

There is no better advice than that given by billionaires because all of them have certain guiding principles in life which have helped them achieve phenomenal success in life. Fortunately, author Rafael Badziag has made accessing such wisdom easier for us by interviewing a few billionaires and then compiling their success secrets in his book titled Billion Dollar Secret: 20 Principles of Billionaire Wealth and Success.

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Rafael Badziag has summarized valuable advice from 21 billionaires into one book.

It took Badziag a total of five years to interview and then compile all of these interviews in a book format. When he assessed the responses to check for any similarities between the responses provided by 21 billionaires, he discovered that there were indeed six common traits that all of them professed.

Be Disciplined

The first factor about billionaires observed by Badziag was the fact that discipline dominated and steered their lives. According to him, billionaires did not care about whether they wanted to work or not. If they had to work, they pushed themselves out of any laziness and focused on completing it. Also, they not only expected their own self to be this disciplined but also expected the people who surrounded them to share their work ethic.

Have A Routine

Another observation made by Badziag was the fact that billionaires have a very stable morning routine which they did not deviate from in any case. While the activities may differ among them, all of them still had some rituals or tasks which they always perform right after getting up in the morning. It is probable that, by doing this, they start off their day already having completed a lot of important tasks, which gives them enough motivation to last throughout the day.

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Billionaires often claim that a good routine is essential to achieving success in life.

Important To Introspect

When it comes to billionaires, they are very keen on reflecting at some point in time of their day. Whether it is through meditation or some different relaxing activity, Badziag found that billionaires found it necessary to take out some time and think about absolutely anything.

Do Read

Some of you may argue that reading is also a form of introspection, and you wouldn’t be completely wrong in saying that. However, reading is slightly different from introspection. While the latter is all about reflection based on information already possessed by the meditator, the former is a source of knowledge which billionaires use to reflect upon their own work methodology. According to Badziag, billionaires either prefer reading magazines pertaining to the industry or even mystery novels.

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Reading helps broaden your perspective, and that is why billionaires vouch for it.

Take Care of Yourself

An interesting fact which must be mentioned here is that a lot of the billionaires currently known to us, or at least those who participated in Badziag’s interviews, were athletes at one point in time. According to Badziag, these individuals seem to have carried on their love for physical fitness even after accumulating a lot of riches. Even those who were not into sports during their younger years have made sure to join gyms to take care of their physical health.

Wake Up Early

Surprisingly, the average time for waking up in the morning, reported by the billionaires to Badziag, is 5:30 am.

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