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Want to Vacation Like a Celebrity? Now You Can! Here’s How!

If you are feeling too stressed out at this time of the year, then you definitely need to go on a vacation. But making the decision to go on a vacation is easy. Where to go and what to do is where most of us become stuck.

While some people are a natural when it comes to coming up with exotic vacation plans that fit very well in their budgets, for most of us, making such plans is like firing a shot in the dark. But don’t worry, as we have compiled a list of celebrities that have gone on truly exemplary vacations which we believe you must at least try to emulate.

The Jonas Brothers are globally famous and extremely rich but they too go on humble vacations.

If you think that every celebrity vacation has to cost a million dollars, then we don’t blame you. Celebrities are known for living a pretty exotic lifestyle, one which is out of reach for the majority of us. But that does not mean they don’t enjoy that occasional trip to a spot that is affordable enough for the masses, and these are the trips which are giving us major vacation goals.

Kourtney Kardashian Flies To Mexico

The Kardashians are known for going on exotic trips and having the time of their lives, and Kourtney Kardashian is arguably the most adventurous among them all. Reportedly, she went for a few weeks to the gorgeous Mexico, which, according to Kourtney, has always remained the ideal destination for her whenever she has needed a quick getaway, especially places like Punta De Mita where the Kardashian recently stayed in a resort called Imanta that cost her only around $800 per night for a room.

Kourtney Kardashian is a huge fan of going to Mexico whenever she wants to take time off.

If that is not within your budget, then you can always opt for the much-cheaper alternative of using Airbnb, whereby you can secure a suite for only around $52 per night and yet still get to experience the same lovely beaches that make Kourtney’s time absolutely memorable.

Go To Paris Like Karlie Kloss

While it may sound cliched that Paris is a good destination for a vacation, but it is definitely an affordable one in addition to offering one of the most romantic settings in the world. Karlie Kloss, who is a supermodel by profession, went to the fashion week over there and shared her experience with us via YouTube whereby she used a rented car to get around the city with a friend.

Even though she is a supermodel, Karlie Kloss does not mind renting a car in Paris to roam around the city.

She also paid a visit to Stone Clove Bakery, which is also quite affordable. However, she also indulged by shopping at the luxurious Avenue Montaigne, and although that may not be within your budget, you can still visit the place and observe the latest fashion trends.

The Jonas Brothers Keeping It Local With Miami Beach

They may be among the richest sibling trio in the world, but the Jonas Brothers have not forgotten their roots. The brothers went on a yacht measuring an impressive 64 feet which cost them around $630 per night, and although this may seem like a lot of money, considering that it had six beds, it is a good bargain especially if you travel with a group.

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