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She Wasn’t Always Sunny: What Doris Day’s Final Years Looked Like

Most millennials would probably have no idea who Doris Day was, but for those who do would know how she had helped shape the entertainment and music industries during her heyday, beginning in the ‘50s.

She was one of those that started strong in her career, first being known as a big-band vocalist and then later on becoming a household name after her box-office pictures. Specifically, the highly celebrated star shone brightly with her acting talent, a proof of which was her Academy Award.

Doris Day starred in box-office hits in the ‘50s

In the more recent years, however, Doris’ name didn’t become a headliner anymore, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t do anything. In fact, animal rights activists would know her for championing the cause, even putting up the Doris Day Animal Foundation.

Sadly, she met her demise about a month ago at 97 in her home in Carmel Valley, California. While the news prompted a barrage of reminisces and condolences, it also started a rift between her family and friends who have an arsenal of accusations against each other.

Real estate agent Ryan Melcher, Doris’ only grandson to son Terry who passed away in 2004, claimed that her grandmother’s manager Bob Bashara, forbid him to see the star and that the man replaced all board members of the foundation with his family members. Interestingly, the accuser had never spoken about the actress till now.

Final Years

But while most of the public had not known how Doris had lived her life in her final years, close friends revealed she was lonely in the last 10 years, spending most of her time in the kitchen or the bedroom and didn’t actually utilize other parts of the house. Add to that, she allegedly only wanted to talk about fan mails she received or about the dogs.

Doris Day would only talk about dogs in her last years

Doris had a pen pal, Mike DeVita, who has been a supporter of the star for 60 years. It’s quite odd that a big name would share personal details about her life to somebody she actually didn’t know, but the “Calamity Jane” actress was described as “very trusting,” which, the fan said translated in how the celebrity was manipulated by her husbands because she was looking for a father.

Failed Marriages

According to Mike, Doris had a rough childhood. At 10, she discovered her dad having an affair with her best friend’s mom, greatly affecting the star. She didn’t have any luck with her husbands either: Al Jordan allegedly beat her while pregnant with their child and which ended in a divorce; George Weidler allegedly couldn’t take the star’s fame; Marty Melcher, who took away $20 million from her which she only knew after his death, and because of this, she allegedly was pressured to do a sitcom to pay debts, although at the time, she had stopped doing films; and Barry Comden, who got jealous of the dogs.

Her son’s death had greatly affected the actress

One event that really did take a toll on Doris was Terry’s death from cancer, which prompted her to lean on her fans and close friends, most of which were still there till her last breath.

Cutting out People from Her Life

Ryan said she was only made aware of Doris’ demise through social media. In a post, he explained that he was invited by his grandmother after his father’s death but when he arrived, Bob refused to let him in. According to the star’s publicist, Charley Cullen Walters, it was the actress’ decision not to see her grandson anymore, which Mike said was weird since his idol really wanted to reconnect with her relative.

Neighbors are now puzzled as to how this will all play out, what will happen to the singer’s $300,000-home and the eponymous foundation that had assets of over $4.5 million.

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