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Wasting Your Money? This Is How to Avoid It

Whenever we come in touch with a bit of money, the first thought is how to spend it —it is a natural course can action. Whatever the amount, there is an urge to ‘get rid’ of the extra we got. The mind starts playing games with us, taking us straightaway to the promised land where we once promised ourselves we will get what we wanted one day. We used to toy with the idea of getting it, and now the time has come to feed that beast. Or not to feed. The choice is yours. If it comes out of the impulsiveness of your nature, maybe feeding it is not the best idea after all. You know deep down it does not feel so satisfying once it is in your possession. Haven’t you seen The Confessions of a Shopaholic? It is not a very realistic picture, but you get the point. Do not become one of those people who have to admit they have a problem.

Here is how to say no to the beast inside.

You are on a mission

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The gloves are off. With bare hands, punch out the thoughts that keep circling your mind. This is the moment that will define you. With a bit of self-control comes the best feeling of self-gratification, where you know you are able to slay anything that may come your way. Before that fight takes place, you must understand the enemy — look for what triggers the urges. Before opening the money gates, ask to state their business, what is the nature of this call. This way is very promising — beginning to a diplomatic solution, getting something out of this, for both sides. You have to play these tricks. If the urge arises when you feel emotional, when the only way to fight those hormones is with an open wallet, do not open that can of worms. Distract yourself with something more soothing. Talk about this, listen, and you will be heard.

Take the headphones out and let the music heal you. Read a book. Let the words take you someplace else.  A place where money plays no leading role. Exercise more. The stress will come off easily. The physical activity has that effect on people. Because spending all that money can be so tiring, it will drain you, emotionally, physically and financially. All you need is a peaceful and quiet place- find it.


Get rid of the clutter

This is probably not your first rodeo. You have been here before but were never able to see a way out. Well, a small piece of advice I can give is, there is always a way out. The first thing is wanting it. Let’s start with cleaning out the mess that is already there. Start with what you can see right now, Then move to the closet. There, you will find out what addiction really looks like. You will be eye to eye with it and to see it is believing in it.

When you sort that out, you will never wish to go back there to that dark place again. Back to buying and gathering material thins on a pile. With this shift in perspective, the wonders will never cease. You will be too preoccupied with what stays, what goes out, that there will be no time to think about getting into a new trouble. Try not to rush with this. No more on a whim decisions. Take all the time that you need.

This time, it is all in your favor. It may seem like a lot to handle, but it gets better. The road to recovery is upon you.

Out of the woods

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In time, you will live to tell this tale. It is all that it will become — a distant memory, a story to tell about your past vices. To really be out of the danger, your willpower is to be tested, a lot of times. Whenever you see something new, something you like, say ‘No, thank you. I already have everything I need’. This impulse is always here, going against it must be far more important than just giving to it, indulging it. Become your own judge – the verdict is in your hands.

This is no more time for weakness – nothing can cloud your better judgment anymore. It is a constant battle where any sigh of feebleness will again take you as a prisoner. Who knows will you be able to pick yourself up again. So remember baby steps – one demon at a time.

There is a message to read between these lines, a positive message that says that you can fight it all and you will prevail. Put your armor on and call out all the inner warriors. This is a fight worth fighting for. The stakes are high but it is more than that. You have to be aware whom you are fighting, that going against yourself is no piece of cake.

Your pride plays an important role here – you should never forget it.

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