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Weird Things that Celebrities Buy

Yes, they are rich and famous! They seem to have so much money that they have everything they wish for, so they end up buying the weirdest of things at skyrocketing prices.

Here are some of the celebrities and their weird possessions.


The ex-wife of Alec Baldwin bought a town, Braselton, in Georgia for $20 million. She hoped to turn the town into a tourist attraction with movie studios and a film festival. Things did not work out as planned, so she sold the town for only $1million. Ouch! That was a really bad investment, eh?


Paris Hilton’s dogs are the most pampered and comfortable pets! She bought her dogs a house. Note that this house was modeled on her mansion. The two-story doghouse even has access to the pool (talk about spoiling pets), leather chairs, air conditioning, and what would better complete a doghouse? A chandelier. You read it right! A dog house with a chandelier.


Among the lists is none other than Mike Tyson, who bought two white tiger cubs in his spending spree at his prime. The two Bengal Tigers were worth  $150, 000 each. Keeping them was even far from cheap, costing almost $4, 000 a month.

He also spent $2million for a bathtub made of gold! Imagine how it feels to sit in a golden tub. Oh, money makes people weird for sure. He bought the tub for his ex-wife Barbara Walters, who later described the marriage as ‘torture, pure hell, and worse than anything I could possibly imagine.” Really?


Kanye West bought 10 Burger Kings in France, England, and Italy as a wedding presents to his wife Kim Kardashian. Why? Just because he can afford them and much more.


Lady Gaga believes in paranormal activities, so she does not take risks when on the road. Safety from spirits comes first. Her fear of the ghost named Ryan is well documented. Therefore, she bought a $47,000 Electro Magnetic Field machine to detect and identify ghosts. Truly, the rich take peculiar precautions.


Cage, branded as the King of weirdos has numerous weird and expensive things such as an octopus worth a $275, 000, a 67 million-year-old dinosaur skull worth $276, 000 (having to outbid actor Leonardo DiCaprio), a $1.6 million comic book selection, two albino cobras worth $275, 000, a gulf stream jet, a private island, and a haunted mansion in New Orleans.

The house was worth $3, 400 000 and was originally owned by Delphine LaLaurie, who tortured slaves and killed them in the attic. This is the very same house in The American Horror Story: Coven. Cage lost it to foreclosure in 2009.


Yes, she has to be on the list. Beyonce bought a diamond-encrusted Barbie not for herself but for her 1-year old child, Blue Ivy. The doll was customized and has 160 diamond gems, and it was worth $85, 000.

We are not done yet. She also bought a pair of tights from Balenciaga which was not just any other pair from an expensive brand. Her tights are embellished with pure gold. She wore it back in 2007 during the BET awards. Her pair of tights are worth a $100, 000.


Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Good times. When Katie was pregnant with daughter Suri, Cruise showed his protective side by purchasing her a sonogram machine. However, the two did not last.


When he put an end to his contract with a champagne brand, he chose Armand de Brignac, a very expensive brand. He bought 75 bottles of it, totaling to $250, 000. He also he holds the record of the most bottles popped in a night. Bartenders were also left work happy that night when Jay-Z left them a $50, 000 tip.

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