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Are Wellness Shots Just a Fad or Can They Really Improve Your Well-Being? Experts Finally Weigh In

If there was a proven product that can make people’s skin glow, strengthen their immune system, and keep them energized, crowds would be lining up to buy it. So, when fads become popular, people are often left asking whether these products actually deliver on their many promises.

The wellness shot trend is no different. Costing about $4 to $5, these 2-ounce tonics are basically cold-pressed juices in a condensed form that set out to be little vehicles for all the antioxidants and vitamins one’s body needs. But are they actually worth trying? This is what a registered dietician nutritionist has to say.

The Truth

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Moreno suggests that people get their nutritional needs from eating actual foods like salads

Sadly, nutritionist Monica Auslander Moreno says that she doesn’t really see the ‘game-changing impact’ of wellness shots on a person’s overall health. And this applies whatever the healthful ingredients that a shot has.

This doesn’t mean that there aren’t people out there who could benefit from taking a shot of kale or wheatgrass juice. Those who find their regular diet lacking in healthy components can supplement it through wellness shots. Moreno reminds people to make sure that none of the shot’s ingredients would have a negative reaction when mixed with any medication one is taking.

She also suggests making the juices homemade instead of at the store to save money and avoid unnecessary additives.

Shots Worth Trying

To those interested in concocting their own healthy wellness shots, Moreno enumerates the following ingredients that are worth a try and their corresponding benefits.

Ginger For Bloating & Nausea

Prepare a ginger shot by diluting it in coconut water or regular water so you can better handle its spice

Ginger has long been known as a spice and as a popular ingredient in folk medicine. It’s no surprise though given its ability to address health issues like vomiting, nausea, and even bloating. It also has some anti-inflammatory qualities, which can be beneficial for women who suffer from cramps and menstrual pain. And because of its antioxidant content, ginger is said to have benefits for the skin as well.

Turmeric For Crohn’s Disease

To activate turmeric’s health benefits, it needs to be taken in with some black pepper

Turmeric’s claim to fame is its curcumin content. The potent compound is said to reduce inflammation. The yellow powder is particularly recommended for people who suffer from Crohn’s disease, colitis as well as ulcers. While turmeric won’t cure the disease, it can definitely mitigate its symptoms.

Wheatgrass for a Vitamin Shot

Wheatgrass may not be the tastiest of greens but it sure makes up for it when it comes to nutritional content. The plant packs in healthful substances like calcium, amino acids, iron and a list of vitamins.

But at the end of the day, Moreno reiterates that people could benefit from these just as much as if they decide to get their nutrients from eating a well-balanced diet.

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