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The White House’s Gardens are a bit too Bland According to Melania Trump. She Plans on Revamping Them

The White House is perhaps one of the most famous buildings in the world. Its design has remained unique throughout the years. Here you can find things that you may never have thought existed. For example, the monitoring and safety systems in the White House are the best in the world. But probably what may draw your attention most there is the greenery of the place.


TheHill | White House’s Gardens are among the greenest enclosed patches in the world

The gardens of The White House have always ranked among the best kept green patches in the world. They are known to include some rare plants in addition to several ornamental shrubs and trees. However, it seems that the current first lady, Melania Trump, isn’t particularly satisfied with the way the place looks as of now.

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Melania Trump’s Renovation Plans

Last Monday, Melania Trump published her plan to develop some things in the White House garden on her Instagram page. She said she wanted to renew and change its appearance, according to an official statement from the White House, as reported by The New York Times.

The changes will include adding two new limestone walkways, some updates to the electric fence, and adding a new drainage system. Furthermore, the existing crab apple trees will be replaced by white rosebushes, and some areas will be decorated with white and pink roses.


wikimedia | Current first lady, Melania Trump, plans on making extensive renovations to the gardens

These upgrades aim to restore the shape of the White House lawn to what it was in 1961 during the reign of former President of the United States, John F. Kennedy, who asked the famous and genius horticulturist Bunny Mellon to design a historical appearance of the White House lawn.

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Perhaps what distinguishes this historic design are the flowerbeds surrounding the interior lawn, which are carefully paved to give a diamond-shaped look. These flowerbeds are surrounded by carefully selected flowers and roses to add consistency in form and color.

This project will be taken over by two specialized companies – Perry Guillot, which entered the AD100 list in 2018 and has many great and creative designs most notably the gardens of Tory Burch in Southampton, and Swedish-style Oehme which also designed several famous gardens such as the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial and the National World War II Memorial.


local10 | The timing is ideal for this renewal as President Donald Trump makes most of his statements from the garden

This timing is also ideal for this renewal as President Donald Trump currently makes most of his statements and decisions from the White House Square away from gatherings and conferences. This is due to the conditions of the Corona epidemic spreading widely in the United States. This news comes 100 days before the presidential elections, giving the White House garden more importance.

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