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Wivi – To See or Not To See

Modern technology has grown from small discoveries into a very complex innovation. All we have to do is make use of it and enjoy the conveniences that the modern era has to offer us. The novelty of today’s science would come to waste without the appreciation it deserves.

Now have you wondered how it would feel to see beyond walls, like having x-rays vision? Is it really even imaginable? What would you say to be like Superman on the movie screens? Wouldn’t it be exciting to have powers that we thought only superheroes could? Well, it is totally POSSIBLE!

Introducing WiVi

Wifi” and “vision” are put together to give WiVi, which lets you identify see through walls or in an enclosed room.

Dina Katabi and Fadel Adib worked together on this super invention to allow one person to see another moving behind a wall. This technology uses the same antenna, we all have on our mobile phones and laptops.


Apparently, it sends out two signals inverted with each other. Katabi has something she calls “interference nulling.” The two inverted signals cancel out each other unless a human is hit. The movement of a human is tracked through the reflected signal that bounces off the moving object.

This technique doesn’t need another device on the other side of the wall just to operate the technology. This concept is very similar to sonar imaging and radar. An RF (radio frequency) signal penetrates through walls and human reflects off the signal mentioned and imprints what is behind the enclosed surface. Now you’d have eyes that could penetrate sight on solid surfaces to look beyond.


WiVi detects how many people are beyond the wall. It can even identify whether the person goes near or away from the wall. Gestures can also be perceived using this device. This could be used for further monitoring purposes during surveillance. 

Now, you’d be your very own detective with superhero all wrapped in one with this kind of technology. Who knows this device could be on a mobile application or be a handy tool we could have for our own personal use someday. We could think of this as an added measure for security purposes and hopefully not an instrument for perversion. This is in fact, a very good technology advancement and one heck of a discovery.



Of course, the government could use this sort of device for law enforcement purposes. The police could use WiVi to locate and lock onto criminals that are hiding in enclosed spaces. 

This would be a great gadget for women as they go about their day. They could use WiVi to ensure their personal security when going through alleys or dark areas. With the touch of a button, they could see if potentially dangerous people are lurking nearby. This device is also subject to further improvements since it has a potential to be an input in appliances and other gadgets thus be controlled only by gestures and body movement.

Technology is radically progressing and letting humans live with ease.  What the past claimed as impossible is now a new discovery ready to be put to good use. But like all things, it must only be used for good use and not abused. Fascinating things have constantly been popping up. One by one, wherever you look, from left to right, different advancements in science and technology are coming at us and at a very fast pace. Who knows, time travel and flying in the thin air might be the next possible thing. Watch out Superman, here we come!


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