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The World’s Most Expensive Cities To Live In

Have you ever wanted to move to a big city? The first thing you have to check is how much would it cost to live there. The bigger the city, the higher the costs. To start with, here we are giving you some of the cities with the highest property prices in the world, in case you wish to buy a real estate in these popular places. These cities are mostly ones with a huge population and enormous popularity.  All the data here is taken from Global Property Guide.


The city is, without any doubt, the most expensive city (actually a city-state) in the world. This is a very narrow area located between the hills of France and the Mediterranean Sea, with a less than one square mile in width. The whole population of Monaco is about 40,000 people! Because it is a secluded place, many famous and the richest people from all around the world choose it as their travel destination. They don’t mind its high prices, so there is a question to be asked here: Are the prices so high because of the rich people or do they come here because they know that a common person cannot afford it?

Vienna, Austria

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This is Austria’s capital and the largest city, with nearly two million inhabitants. This means that there are 11,205 inhabitants per square mile. Also, Vienna is the second largest German-speaking city in the world, the first one being Berlin, of course. Its nickname is ‘the City of Music’ since some of the greatest musicians were born in this city. Just to mention a few: Franz Schubert, Johann Strauss I and II, Louie Austen, and  Anton Webern. Also, many other great musicians came to work here,  such as Beethoven and Mozart. A monthly rent in this city is minimum $3,000 but if you want to buy a flat you should know that the price is around $14,500 per square meter.

Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki is the city capital of Finland and also the largest city in this state. The population is around 600,000 people. When we talk about population density it is 2,945 inhabitants per square mile. Monthly rental for Helsinki is around $3,600 and to buy an apartment in the city’s metropolitan area, you have to provide around $9,000 per square meter.

Hong Kong, China

The sovereign state of China, Hong Kong, has over seven million people, and that is about 17,024 inhabitants per square mile. If you want to buy an apartment there, you will need $25,500 per square meter. For monthly rent, you need around $7,000 (or $3 million if you want to purchase an average apartment). It is a hidden truth that the world’s billionaires usually hide their wealth here to avoid paying taxes in their own countries. So, we can suppose it is their fault for Hong Kong being so expensive for common people.

Tel Aviv, Israel

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The capital city of Israel is also known as the White City. This is because it has more than 4,000 unique white buildings built even back in the 1930s. Since 2003, they have been part of the World Cultural Heritage. Still, this is not the most populous city in the country but the twelfth. It has nearly 500,000 inhabitants, which is 21,638 inhabitants per square mile.The average monthly rent for an apartment in Tel Aviv is $3,300, and if you want to have your own apartment, then you would have to provide $12,750 per square meter.

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is the capital of Japan and its metropolitan area is the most populous in the entire world. With nearly fourteen million inhabitants its density is about 16,122 inhabitants per square mile. But what about the tourists visiting the city? Then this number is even higher! One very interesting fact about this city is its crime rate – it is surprisingly low. Maybe this could be one of the reasons this city is very expensive – renting an apartment in the metropolitan area of Tokyo is around $4,750 per month. The price of buying property is $13,800 per square meter.

Moscow, Russia 

Over twelve million people live in Moscow, the capital of Russia. This equals to 12,575 inhabitants per square mile, which makes Moscow the eleventh populous city in the world. The Russias capital is well-known for its architecture, especially the religious one. Monthly, you will need around $5,000 for a rent. If you decide to buy an average apartment, you have to bring around $16,000 per square meter, which is in total nearly $2 million.

London, United Kingdom 

The United Kingdom with London as its capital is considered to be one of the best countries to live in. This is concerning the quality of life, but not the pricing. London has nearly nine million inhabitants today, which creates its population density about 14,290 inhabitants per square mile. Yes, many visiting tourists and international students are not included in this number. Renting an apartment in London is around $11,000 per month, but there are even more affordable homes for Londoners for only $2,000 monthly. A typical city apartment costs about $34,500 per square meter.

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