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WOW, These Car Interiors are Fantastic!

Everyone enjoys luxury. Even if we don’t have much money or other possessions, we do certainly enjoy watching luxurious items from around the world. Rich people spend their money making everything in their lives extremely expensive and luxurious-looking. Starting from their homes and wardrobe, cars, pets – each and every aspect of their lives is all about luxury! Their car interiors look as beautiful as someone else’s home. Let’s see the world’s most expensive luxurious car interiors.


 The Volvo XC90

This is the car which costs about $85,000. It’s a high-tech SUV with amazing three rows of seats and the interior is designed to increase the space for legs. It is also equipped with best high-tech gadgets in every possible corner. Every passenger can control temperature and air conditioners. It really looks like a real room on wheels!

 The Audi Q7

Audi will offer you an enjoyable ride, with its luxurious interior and astonishing high-tech equipment. It costs approximately $55,000. The front seats may have built-in massager and ventilated leather if you would pay additional few thousands. It has an amazing surround system with 23 speakers around the car – which make you feel like you are on the concert. Audi also has three rows of seats which can be rearranged for cargo.

 Land Rover’s 2016

This model costs about $90,000 and is equipped with 29 speakers which create surround system in the car. The seats are designed to give extreme rest for the foot, and they also recline and may give a pleasant massage to passengers. Its interior has a warm design with beautiful wood inside, giving the special look to the car. There is even a bottle cooler in the console.

 The Force 1

The Force 1 is designed by Henrik Fisker and costs the enormous amount of $230,000! The seats are covered with a specific leather design and they have a bottle-holder each. The Force 1 possess a car WiFi, 3rd brake light, and all of the leather is hand stitched. It is mostly a sports car, with an amazing interior, but it catches the attention of people from different fields of interest!


Bentley will never be out of fashion! Its price starts with $200,000 and it doesn’t include any customization work. Passenger seats own bottle cooler between them, and may even contain the glasses. When buying it, you can choose the color of the interior as you like it. No matter which color you will choose, it looks beautiful in white, red, brown and all the other colors! Bentley is an amazing vehicle with a luxurious look!

 Rolls-Royce Serenity

This vehicle also allows multiple car customizations. Its price starts with $200,000 and every customization is additionally charged. Its newest version Serenity offers an amazing interior which reminds us of Japanese gardens. Seats are made of light blue silk and everywhere are motives of Japanese blue and red flowers. This car is a compound of luxury and antique, as amazing as it is. All the silk is hand dyed and hand-woven. Each flower is hand painted and required a plenty of work to be finished. At Rolls-Royce, they stated that it required more than 500 hours of work to be finished.

Mike Fuchslocher/Shutterstock

 The Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Pullman

It looks longer more like a limousine looking from the outside. Its price starts from $560,000 and it has four seats back, where two pairs face each other. There is a bottle cooler between the seats, and the seats are made of leather in different color combinations. The Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Pullman even offers pillows on each seat! The interior is also equipped with 300 LED bulbs so they will make accent lighting around the car’s interior. The colors of the lights can be chosen manually, between seven possible options.

BMW 740i

BMW 740i looks so luxurious from the outside, but its interior is even more sophisticated. Its price starts about $80,000 and the car offers multiple features to its passengers. Passengers may recline their feet and even put them up with footstool which pops out from the seat. Seats also have built-in massagers, cooling, and heating. Furthermore, every passenger has a touchscreen for themselves. Another interesting feature is “Ambient Air Package”, which allows a customer to choose the scent of the car. Some of the possible choices are plants and water fragrance, and you can even mix them if you like!

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