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You’ll Be Surprised How Little NFL Player Carl Nassib Spends Despite Being Paid Millions

When people picture professional athletes earning millions, they usually think of extravagant spending and a luxurious lifestyle. But while this might prove to be true in the case of some players, this stereotype doesn’t really apply to Tampa Bay Buccaneers linebacker Carl Nassib.

Multimillion-dollar Paychecks

Katherine Welles/Shutterstock
Nassib began playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2018

At just 26 years old, Nassib has already managed to snag a $3.6 million contract playing for the Cleveland Browns when he was first drafted in the National Football League (NFL) back in 2016. But his first contract’s perks didn’t end there. It also entitled him to a bonus amounting to $889,752. Just a few years after he penned this deal, he’s currently netting an impressive salary of $2.03 million playing for his current team.

What’s even more impressive is Nassib’s attitude towards his newfound wealth. According to the linebacker, his seven-figure paychecks didn’t really change his ‘headspace’ too much. At the end of the day, he says that he was more focused on his career as a player more than what he had in the bank. What more, he decided to be smart with the money he had.

It All Comes Down To Discipline

Katherine Welles/Shutterstock
The linebacker spent his college years playing for his alma mater, Penn State University

As Nassib revealed, he only has a monthly budget of $3,500, which he uses to pay for expenses like food, rent, and bills. He spends an additional $400 to $500 for other miscellaneous expenses.

The rest of his salary seems to go to his savings as he states that he saves a whopping 85% of his millions of income.  He does this by not living beyond his means and leading a normal life. In fact, he admits that he finds it difficult to even spend half of his salary in a year.

He further shares how he’s become tighter on his budget, especially now that he’s switched teams and moved to another place, a pretty common thing among NFL players. Moving costs tend to add up without one really noticing, Nassib says. In the end, though, he believes that it all comes down to being disciplined over one’s finances and budget no matter the size of the income.

The Importance of Tracking

One can make sure they’re sticking to their budget by tracking expenses and spending habits

Nassib also noticed how people would lie to themselves when it comes to money. Worse, some end up just ignoring expenses and bills because they’re afraid to know just how much they’re actually spending. To counter this, he advises people to take a breather and be honest with oneself.

Another advice he has for people is to track their spending. Nassib personally likes to make purchases using his credit card as he could just receive a categorized balance update each week.  Most importantly, though, he says that people should also appreciate the things they have. Growing up, Nassib shared how he and his siblings would keep themselves entertained all night with just a deck of cards, which taught him that does not really need money to be happy.

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