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You’re Probably Wasting Precious Time Overdoing These Morning Rituals–Here’s How You Can Take Better Control Of Your Most Productive Hours

According to experts, the first two hours of a person’s awake time are also the most valuable of the day. And one of the most costly mistakes people make is not smartly using these hours, according to author Laura Vanderkam. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways an individual can tweak their morning routine to better use their most productive hours, whether they’re a natural morning person or not.

Repeat Snoozing

Avoid setting alarms way earlier than the time you actually have to wake up.

It’s no secret that getting out of bed in the morning is one of the hardest things to do. In fact, one survey has discovered that a whopping one-third of people end up hitting the snooze button on their alarm about three times before getting up. Doing this can affect one’s day in many negative ways.

According to sleep expert Dr. Robert S. Rosenberg, a habit of snoozing cheapens the quality of the little extra sleep that people get. It also leaves people with a feeling of grogginess for the rest of their day. The trick is to give waking up some sense of urgency by setting the alarm at the last possible minute that’ll still give one enough time to get ready.

Trying on Outfits

Women may find themselves spending more time than they intended on picking what they want to wear before heading out. One survey actually says that women report that they spend 12 minutes or more every day just on outfit selection. This can be remedied by planning one’s outfit of the day (OOTD) the night before to avoid wasting time on it in the mornings.

Checking Social Media & Emails

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Give yourself a few more minutes of calm before the workday starts by refraining using your phone in bed

Perhaps another thing that makes it difficult to actually get out of bed is surfing the Internet first thing in the morning. This habit is reportedly practiced by four out of five smartphone users, who have their devices glued to their hands within 15 minutes of waking up checking their emails and social media.

Doing this can dampen what is supposed to be a relaxed morning by plaguing one’s self with the looming thought of pending tasks at work. It’s better to wait until getting to the office to actually check one’s email and respond to them.

Writing Down a To-Do List

Another task that may be eating up into a person’s precious morning productive hours is jotting down that day’s to-do list. This should be done the day before instead, either before sleeping or while wrapping up the day’s work.

A Long Breakfast

Galina Zhigalova/Shutterstock
You can also opt for breakfast foods that are fast and easy to prepare

Breakfast is often described as the most important meal of the day. But that doesn’t mean that one should spend the majority of their morning routine on preparing or eating it. In fact, it would be better to save time and prep breakfast food the night prior for an on-the-go meal.


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