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Manhattan’s Playground for Millionaires: Core Club’s $100k Membership Unveiled

Are you ready to step into the opulent world of Manhattan’s latest sensation? Core Club, the epitome of luxury and exclusivity, is set to redefine elite membership experiences with its grandiose 60,000-square-foot megaclub. In this engaging exploration, we’ll take you on an exclusive tour, unveiling the allure and uniqueness that sets Core Club apart in the booming world of private memberships.

The Manhattan Membership Battle: Core Club Takes the Lead

As the battle for supremacy among elite membership clubs escalates, Core Club stands tall, poised to open its doors next month. Situated above Midtown, this four-story marvel joins the league of other distinguished clubs like Casa Cipriani and Zero Bond in New York, Aster and Heimat in Los Angeles, and ZZ’s Club in Miami.

These establishments have become sanctuaries for the privacy-minded affluent, reshaping the landscape of exclusive memberships post-pandemic.

Cultural Hub: Core Club's Flexible Events Space and Gallery

Instagram | Cultural Hub: Core Club’s Flexible Events Space and Gallery.


The Club Boom: A Plethora of Options

Manhattan has witnessed a surge in exclusive clubs since 2020, ranging from offshoots of hotel brands like Aman to the culinary cults of ZZ’s and Casa Cipriani. With more than a dozen clubs making their mark, an arms race of amenities has ensued, with each club striving to outdo the other. From celebrity chefs and wellness spas to high-tech board rooms, these clubs are leaving no stone unturned in creating unparalleled experiences.

Dazzling Amenities: A Glimpse into the Extravagance

  • ZZ’s Culinary Concierge: A groundbreaking feature at ZZ’s Club, boasting multiple restaurants and a team of chefs ready to whip up any dish on members’ requests.
  • Aman’s High Price Tag: Aman Club’s membership, nestled within Aman New York’s 83-suite hotel, comes with a hefty $200,000 initiation fee and annual dues of $15,000.
  • Core’s Varied Memberships: Core offers a range of memberships, from $15,000 for individuals to a whopping $100,000 for families, coupled with annual dues ranging from $15,000 to $18,000.

Clubbing in Times of Uncertainty

With the opening of more clubs on the horizon, concerns about oversaturation in big cities like New York are rising, especially in the face of potential economic downturns. However, club owners remain steadfast, asserting an unabated demand as the wealthy seek secure and exclusive spaces for work, play, and networking.

U.S. Clubs Moving Towards a London Model

Industry experts predict a shift towards the London model of social clubs, where establishments like Annabel’s and Soho House play pivotal roles in the lives of the upper crust. Core Club’s founder and CEO, Jennie Enterprise, believes the surge in private clubs reflects a desire for curated communities and experiences, aligning with the cultural zeitgeist of seeking privacy in the age of social media.

Culinary Creativity Unleashed: Core Club's U-Shaped Culinary Lab

Instagram | Culinary Creativity Unleashed: Core Club.

Core Club Unveiled: A Peek into Manhattan’s Newest Gem

CNBC got an exclusive first look at Core Club’s new space at 711 Fifth Avenue, set to open its doors in mid-October. Spread across the 15th to 18th floors, the club boasts over 6,000 square feet of outdoor terrace space with breathtaking views of Central Park and Midtown’s iconic glass towers, offering an unparalleled vista that elevates the member experience to new heights.

As the sun sets, the terrace transforms into a magical oasis, providing an enchanting backdrop for social gatherings and exclusive events that unfold against the glittering skyline.

Levels of Luxury: What Each Floor Holds

15th Floor: Luxury Living and Pampering

  • 11 luxury hotel suites, each between 500 and 750 square feet.
  • Spa with treatment rooms and a salon.

16th Floor: Fitness and Skincare Extravaganza

  • Gym and juice bar.
  • Dangene Institute featuring the latest in anti-aging skincare technology.

17th Floor: Culinary Delights and Lounge

  • Speakeasy-style lounge with a stylish bar and a wine library.
  • Culinary lab offering a U-shaped table for celebrity chefs to create special dishes for members.

18th Floor: High-Tech Haven and Cultural Hub

  • State-of-the-art conference and board rooms.
  • Screening room, flexible events space, and gallery for exhibits, parties, and gatherings.

Beyond the Walls: Core’s Global Aspirations

Breathtaking Views from Core Club's Outdoor Terrace.

Instagram | Breathtaking Views from Core Club’s Outdoor Terrace.

Core Club extends beyond Manhattan, with new locations in Milan and San Francisco and plans for several more in the coming years. Despite the extravagant spaces and amenities, Core’s founder emphasizes that the true draw is not the physical offerings but the vibrant community and the wellspring of ideas that it nurtures.

Core Club – Where Ideas Take Center Stage

In the ever-expanding landscape of elite memberships, Core Club stands out as a beacon of cultural programming, hosting 150 to 200 events annually. More than just a haven of amenities, it is an incubator for ideas, bringing together a diverse community of curious minds from various fields.

As the club opens its doors to new applications, it seeks interesting and curious individuals eager to contribute to this thriving community. Dive into the epitome of luxury, where Core Club isn’t just a space; it’s a tapestry of experiences, a symphony of cultures, and a sanctuary for those who crave the extraordinary. Welcome to Core Club – where exclusivity meets endless possibilities.

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