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Nine Interesting Facts About Leonardo Di Caprio

Leonardo Di Caprio is an amazing actor. He starred in some of the most popular movies such as Titanic, Inception, The Departed, and many others. When not acting, he is a devoted environmentalist, donating money to charities and speaking at charitable events. He has donated to many foundations that focus on environmental protection.

Di Caprio also made a movie about global warming, which can have a huge impact on the people around the world.

Here are some interesting facts we’ve found about him.

 He Has been Nominated For Five Oscars

He received his first nomination back in 1994, for the movie What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. After that, he was nominated in 2005, for The Aviator, in 2007 for Blood Diamond, and in 2014, for The Wolf of Wall Street, but didn’t win any of them. Finally, in 2016, he was nominated for the best performance in the movie The Revenant and won his first, long-awaited, Oscar.

He got his name From Leonardo Da Vinci

When Leo’s mother, Irmelin, was pregnant, she was looking at the portrait of Leonardo Da Vinci in the gallery at Florence, Italy. In that very moment, her baby kicked her for the first time. After that event, his father believed that this was a sign and that they should name their baby by this genius.

He speaks German and Italian

His father, George, is of both Italian and German descent. Further, his mother is German. He, therefore, started speaking German in his childhood when he spent time with his grandparents, Wilhelm and Helene, in Oer-Erkenschwick in Western Germany. He stated that he was very close to his grandmother and invited her to share special moments with him – like Titanic’s premiere in London.

He has an obsessive-compulsive disorder

He is fighting with it for his entire life. When he was playing the role of the American entrepreneur and tycoon, Howard Hughes, in the movie The Aviator, he could sympathize with role’s disorder, since he had the same condition all his life. He opened himself about it and explained that he sometimes feels a strong urge to walk through doorways or to step on every chewing gum he sees in the street.

 He is a friend with Tobey Maguire, Kevin Connolly, and David Blaine

He became friends with Tobey back in the 90s, and also with Connolly, and Davin Blaine. Most of them had many auditioning together and they’ve made friendships with time. However, their friendship isn’t so close and they all have gone their separate, personal and different ways.

 He has never done drugs

This is quite amazing and beautiful thing to hear! As a matter of fact, he was taught how to play being high for the movie The Wolf of Wall Street by a drug expert! In a press conference, he said that he prepped for the movie with his co-star Jonah Hill by consulting with a drug expert, and by watching a YouTube video “The Drunkest Man in the World”.

He bought an island

Ten years ago, he purchased a 104-acre island in Belize and he has plans to create the world’s first eco-restorative resort! Its name will be Blackadore Caye: A Restorative Island. Leonardo imagined it amazingly – healing services for the people, as well to the island. Guests will have to follow guidelines about what they can and can’t do. For instance, plastic bottles won’t be allowed on the island. It will be equipped with many infinity pools, villas, private beaches, and conservation areas. It should be finished in the next year (2018).

 He adopted a South-African girl

DiCaprio worked with orphans in South Africa at SOS Children’s Villages while he was filming the Blood Diamond. In the orphanage, he really bonded with a little baby girl after playing and talking with her. Actually, he decided to sponsor her – he sends her monthly cheque and they sometimes speak on phone. Still, Leo has no children of his own – yet!

He prepared for ‘The Revenant‘ very hard

When he was preparing for the role of Hugh Glass, he subjected himself to the hardest possible conditions – he ate raw bison liver although he is a vegetarian, and slept in an animal carcass. He had to shoot in -25 degrees in different locations of Canada and Argentina. Maybe this kind of sacrifice for his job is what makes him one of the best actors in the world. What do you think? Would you dare to do the same?

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