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Madonna’s Daughter Lourdes Leon Wants to Get Married Now, But Does Madonna Approve?

While Madonna has had a wonderful year so far, considering she recently released her fourteenth album titled Madame X back in June 2019 (which immediately shot up to take the top spot at the Billboard 200 charts), her daughter Lourdes Leon is also having a good one since she is in love and, apparently, now on her way to getting married.

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Madonna has just completed her latest album Madame X, which released to mixed reviews

According to reports, after having dated for the past two years, Lourdes and her boyfriend, Jonathan Puglia, have realized the intensity of their love for each other and reached the conclusion that they should tie the knot. Considering that Lourdes is only 22 years of age, some may argue she is rushing into it. However, she does have her mother’s blessing, so we can see this materialize sooner than later.

Like Mother, Like Daughter?

When it comes to marriage, Madonna has had her fair share, and so we can’t think of a possible justification she could’ve given to Lourdes to convince her otherwise, not that she wanted to do that at all. However, while both mother and daughter may find the idea of commitment sufficiently appealing, the similarities seem to end there.

According to an interview given by Madonna, although Lourdes is an extremely talented girl, she is still not able to find that passion that drove Madonna to become as successful as she is today. However, Madonna also admitted that the circumstances in which she pushed herself to excel in the entertainment industry were drastically different compared to the comfortable life enjoyed by her children including Lourdes, and so perhaps it was wrong of her to expect her children to exhibit the same personality traits as her own self.

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Both Lourdes Leon and Madonna share a very strong bond with each other

Another major difference between the two is with their perception of fame. For Madonna, fame is a big part of her life as she is recognized as one of the most prominent singers in the world, and perhaps she also enjoys it to some extent. However, Lourdes is not about the famous lifestyle at all, and reportedly prefers staying away from all the glamour of the entertainment industry.

Completed Her Education

Parents often worry about their child’s future, but Madonna has nothing to fear when it comes to Lourdes. The 22- year-old has already completed her college education, majoring in performing arts from the prestigious University of Michigan. As far as career goes, she is now slowly establishing herself as a recognized name in the fashion world as a model, however, we have yet to see how she balances that with her love for privacy.

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She may not be as driven as Madonna, but she certainly is on her way to becoming successful

Deeply In Love

But there is no doubt that both Lourdes and Jonathan are very much in love. Lourdes has already visited Ohio to meet with Jonathan’s parents, and there seems to be no objection as far as their prospective union is concerned. According to reports, Madonna also approves of their desire to get married, so now it’s only a matter of time before we’ll get to see Lourdes walking down the aisle.

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