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Celebrities who Became Famous by Accident

Being in the right place at the right time could change your life forever. This is what happened as these celebrities rise to recognition and fame as if by accident:

“Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans.” — Allen Saunders

Here are some people who become famous by fate


The supermodel was brought into fashion icon status after her collaboration with Calvin Klein. But before she became famous, just like any adolescent in her age, she was awkward.

Back in 1988, Sarah Doukas, founder of Storm Model Management, was on her way to the airport to take a flight to England. Kate and her dad had been stranded in the airport for three days.  Sarah approached the English Rose, who was 14 at the time when she heard her accent.  


Who knows whether it’s destiny or by chance? A movie producer discovered her in front of a home that her mother had broken into since they were homeless.  

Rosario grew up in a rough New York neighborhood where she and her mother spent many years homeless. Although little is known about her first project, it certainly started her career in the Hollywood industry.



Known for his roles in Indiana Jones and Star Wars, who would have thought that his early career was a struggle?

While pursuing his carpentry course, the Hollywood scout asked Ford to fix a door. The director was impressed by his appearance and decided to have him auditioned for “Star Wars”. Ford’s succeeding films were phenomenal after the said break. His character became an integral part of the “Star Wars.” He is very respected by his fellow actors and colleagues in the industry.

Johnny Depp

Pirates of the Caribbean had an international box office success internationally. In fact, its next installment is very much anticipated by fans. And who could resist the charm and wit of Jack Sparrow portrayed by Johnny Depp? No one.

He mostly keeps a low profile except with his last divorce. Extremely famous and gifted, Depp started his career from humble beginnings. He initially wanted to be a rock star when his mom bought him a guitar.

Depp came to know Nicholas Cage, who encouraged him to give acting a try. He then attended an audition for the role of an ugly janitor. From then on, Depp’s career progressed dramatically, and good film projects came his way, leading him to success. He has also had roles in “Alice in Wonderland” and “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.”


Known as one of the most beautiful faces in the world, the actress had an accident discovery that led her to Hollywood. Versatile and outstanding, she first had dreams of being a dancer. She was born in South Africa and left her home for New York to pursue ballet. However, she sadly suffered an upsetting knee injury.

One day, Agent John Crosby noticed her arguing with a bank teller one day an irremovable South African account and offered to represent her. Her quest landed her a role in “Children of the Corn III” and many other films that made her one of the most recognizable actresses in Hollywood. All these thanks to the bank teller she was arguing with.


A bombshell, an actress, and John F. Kennedy’s supposed mistress are just some of the things associated with the name of Marilyn Monroe. She rose to fame after landing a cover for Yank Magazine.

One of the most iconic faces of Hollywood, Marilyn was linked with feminine appeal, Hollywood glamor, and fame. While her life ended tragically, she made quite an impact and left a mark in the industry.

One shot changed her career and led her to a path that would make her a household name. She was just another worker at a factory back then when a photographer took her photo and advised her to take advantage of her pretty face and change her career.


“The Vow,” “21 Jumpstreet,” “Dear John,” and “G.I. Joe” are just some of Tatum’s films that increased his fame. He can do, drama, comedy, action, and even hot scenes that make girls lose their heads. It was in Miami, Florida that his career started.

He was a stripper back then but never thought of doing it in the long haul. Before things got darker after too much partying, he decided that moving to New York would be a good idea. He was discovered on the streets of New York by an agent who asked him if he would like to have an audition. The rest is history.


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