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Here’s Why You Cannot Blame ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Stars from Breaking the No-Camera Ban

Avengers: Endgame” is the glue that binds the stories in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a very satisfying way, although some may have reservations about it. It was fairly a massive success, proving to be a hit among viewers worldwide.

It was also a gargantuan picture literally and metaphorically — it was a hot pot of the superheroes we all come to love in the past years and also was a pretty long film, technically around three hours, which, of course, the fans didn’t mind considering the intertwining plots that were painstakingly executed.

Strict Rules in Spoilers

The hype was real, too — imagining you’ll see almost all the superheroes in one film is just enough to convince fans to hurry to the theater to buy a ticket.

Essentially, people were scrambling to juice details from the actors themselves in the days leading to the premiere because plain as day, it’s just hard to sit and wait for the showing. Plus, if you can’t find confirmed spoilers on the internet, nothing is better than getting answers straight from the horses’ mouth, right?

Directors Joe and Anthony Russo have set strict rules on the set

So during interviews for the promotion of the film, the cast can’t help but be firm in being tight-lipped, although some of them undeniably had a few slips of the tongue. When “Endgame” finally premiered, it was time for the celebrated duo directors, Anthony and Joe Russo, to instruct viewers who already had seen the film to zip their mouths and to not spoil others who have yet to see the movie.

As much as it was hard for people not to say anything about the picture that was filled with all sorts of mind-blowing details and unforeseen turn of events, it was even harder for the stars themselves to contain all the juicy information inside.

Breaking the Rules

Chris Hemsworth uploaded a clip of his character singing “Hurt”

The directors have been adamant about keeping everything hidden from the public that even the cast members weren’t allowed to share photos or videos from behind the scenes.

Plus, there was a camera ban on the set, which shows how the actors were seriously forbidden from taking shots or clips while filming. But one by one, they are proving that they weren’t really keen on the rule because of their recent uploads that seemed to show how brazen they were in breaking the policy.

Not Missing the Moment

However, Marvel officials shouldn’t blame the actors just yet. They have a good reason behind their deeds, Chris Hemsworth, who played Thor in the film, revealed. He admitted that he felt paranoid while on the set, thinking everyone was watching whenever he brought out his phone.

The strict policy was no match for the stars who still managed to take photos and videos, with the 35-year-old narrating that he caught his co-stars taking out their gadgets.

It’s simply hard to let the opportunity pass, Chris Hemsworth believed

There’s one particular moment when this was most evident: when the Avengers are all complete in one room. Chris said there was simply no way they were going to let the moment pass, which was quite understandable. It’s a rare glimpse and if it were you, you would definitely do the same thing just to get the most epic remembrance.

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