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Locations In ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ That Actually Exist In Real Life

The book, Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan which has been adapted into a movie has a lot of fascinating locations one can actually visit. Although the book revolves around fictional characters, several of the places mentioned in the book are real.  Below are some of the actual places referred to in the book.

  1. Marina Bay Sands

The book indicates that Nick went with Rachel, Kerry and Peik Lin to the sky bar which is at Marina Bay Sands so they can drink gin-based cocktails known as Singapore Sling.

Marina Bay Sands actually exists in real life and is located in Singapore

  1. Raffles Hotel

Peik Lin also makes known her intention to take both Kerry and Rachel to the hotel although Nick considers it to be too touristy.

  1. Fort Canning Park

The wedding reception of Araminta and Colin holds at the Canning Park, Singapore, and that is also where Nick gets the opportunity to show Rachel the gatehouse where his former hideout was.

  1. Lau Pa Sat

On her first night when she arrives Singapore, Rachel visits Lau Pa Sat with Nick, Araminta and Colin. The place is one of the very popular hawker centers in Singapore. It has dining complexes with several food stalls where one can get inexpensive delicacies.

Lau Pa Sat is one of the popular hawker centers in Singapore where one can get to enjoy cheap delicacies

  1. Peranakan Houses

Rachel sights Peranakan houses as they travel through Asia. Also, the book reveals that Astrid is the owner of Peranakan shop houses of historic background located on Emerald Hill in Singapore.

  1. Sentosa Cove

After the time when Rachel ends her relationship with Nick, Colin’s place which is in Sentosa Cove is where he uses as his hideout.

  1. Keppel Shipyard

The guests at the wedding of Araminta and Colin assemble in a warehouse located in Singapore’s Keppel Shipyard. They do that in order to get on board the ferry that will transport them to the dinner reception.

  1. The Padang

Michael, Astrid’s husband also recalls the time when he went to the Padang to play soccer weekly as a teenager.

  1. Orchard Road

Peik Lin also shows Orchard Road to Rachel and calls it the fifth  Avenue version in Singapore.

  1. The Paragon

Astrid is portrayed as someone who likes to buy jewel at a fictional store known as Stephen Chua Jewels but which is in a real shopping center known as The Paragon located at Orchard Road.

The Paragon is an actual shopping center which is located at Orchard Road

  1. MacRitchie Reservoir

Nick also recalls the times when he and his father took long walks while he was growing up. The walks were around MacRitchie Reservoir.

  1. Smith Street

Nick also suggests to Rachel, Peik Lin, and Kerry that they should go to the Smith Street, precisely to the Chinatown food market. Peik Lin, however, complains that the place will be crowded.

  1. Lucky Plaza

Eleanor says that a particular stall located on Lucky Plaza’s top floor is Singapore’s best place when one wanted rojak.

  1. Old Airport Road Food Centre

At some point, Nick takes Rachel to visit Singapore’s Old Airport Road Food Centre.

  1. Newton Food Centre

Before they settle down on Lau Pa Sat, Nick also says that he likes Newton Food Centre’s satay although Colin says that the place is just for tourists and expats.

  1. Changi Airport

On her arrival at the Changi Airport, Singapore, Rachel announces she was getting a feeling of being at some sort of upscale resort.

  1. Uluru

Nick, Alistair, Colin, Lionel, and Mehmet left the bachelor party at Macau so they could relax somewhere in the Northern Territory of Australia. While they gaze at Uluru also known as Ayers Rock, they drink. Uluru is a huge sandstone monolith.

Uluru is a huge sandstone monolith also known as Ayers Rock

  1. Watsons Bay

Nick’s father also goes to fish in Watsons Bay, Sidney.

  1. Hvar

Hvar, which is a Croatian island is the honeymoon destination of Araminta and Coli.

  1. Cameron Highlands

Malaysia’s Cameron Highlands is where Nick plans to ask Rachel to marry him.

  1. Christ Church

As they head for the Cameron Highlands, Rachel and Nick have a stop in Malacca so as to behold the Christ Church which the Dutch built.

  1. The Lakehouse

After the meeting with his mom and grandmother back in Cameron Highlands, Nick goes to get Rachel booked in at The Lakehouse.

  1. Repulse Bay

Taking a speedboat, Astrid goes through Repulse Bay, Hong Kong so he could meet with a Chinese junk called Charlie.

  1. Lantau Island

As he sails in Hong Kong, Astrid and Charlie go through Lantau Island. Charlie at this place bows at the Buddha statue.

  1. Aberdeen Harbour

Eddie also keeps Kaiser (a yacht) at Aberdeen Marina, Hong Kong.

  1. Wynn Macau

Bernardino also books a suite at Wynn Macau for the bachelor party of Colin.

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