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Top California Attractions You Cannot Overlook 

California is a great city with many attractions that you will definitely want to visit. If you are on a visit to the city, you will find it impossible not to explore these top California attractions. We are not talking about the city, a town or a National Park. Rather we are defining some of the top California attractions which you should never miss. Let us look into why these attractions are different from the rest. 

Wine Tasting — The Napa Valley Wineries 

Various parts of California produce good wine. However, most of these do not have the mark of approval as Napa Valley. Winemaking within the Napa Valley started long before 1976 and winemakers from the region have been perfecting their vintages from the mid-1800s. This was the time when the early settlers planted grapevines and dug caves in the hillsides of the Valley. The Napa Valley is narrow—barely 5 miles wide— and extends for about 30 miles.

The wineries in Napa Valley offer plenty of ways to taste wine. Visitors are catered to by staff who are willing to pour the wine into the glass and interact with you before moving to the next visitor. However, no single winery can give you a unique experience. You have to conduct some research to find the best Napa Valley wineries. That way, you can be confident you will have plenty to talk about when you return home. 

The Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco 

This bridge has red paint splattered all over and is a popular site in the movies. Therefore, you should visit it to ensure that it still exists. There are many reasons why you should visit the Golden Gate Bridge. However, most importantly, it is a perfect combination of geography and design, which will definitely leave you astounded. Viewing the bridge from far away or looking down from the bridge is an experience you wouldn’t want to forego. You could spend an entire day enjoying the experience of driving across the bridge while also having a view. 

The Golden Gate Bridge has often been mentioned as a landmark and a demanding achievement. This is because its support rests on the most turbulent waters in the world.

The Hearst Castle 

If you are visiting California for any reason, you must stopover the Hearst Castle, a marvel by itself. The castle is massive and is located on a remote hilltop that overlooks the Pacific Ocean. This castle has 56 bedrooms and 61 bathrooms. It is also surrounded by three guest houses, which are bigger than the average residences.

The castle stands on 127 acres of land and also includes a swimming pool. The pool is named after the Roman god of the sea. There are also tennis courts and perhaps the largest private zoo in the world. This castle is a monument of excesses, one of the reasons why the castle is often called fascinating. This spot is definitely worth a journey, especially if you wish to get a nice view of the Pacific Ocean and the surrounding terrain from the highest point of Enchanted Hill.

The Hearst Castle was designed by the architect Julia Morgan using the monumental collection of European antiquities by Hearst. You will also have an opportunity to get a glimpse into the life of the epic newspaper mogul, who was the creator. The Hearst Castle also has many home movies that are great to watch. Therefore, a tour of the castle will be one that you will never forget. 

The Hollywood Sign 

Hollywood is famous for movies. Many film stars live here, and it is more of a romantic dream than a reality within the 21st century. However, there is a spot which will reassure you that Hollywood definitely exists, The Hollywood Sign. It is located on a hillside facing the Los Angeles basin. The Hollywood Sign initially read Hollywood surviving, and it has survived numerous fires, vandalism, and imitations. You can view the Hollywood sign from various places within Los Angeles. You can even take pictures to prove that you indeed visited the place.

These are undoubtedly not the only attractions in California. Therefore, you should do some research to understand how you can enhance your visit to California. 

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