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Do You Have $10, 000 Somewhere? You Can Start Any Of These 5 Franchises

Whenever you think of starting a new business, hope for the best but prepared for the worst. A business can either grow or fail. Starting a business is a risky move because it puts your money at stake. However, the risk does not have to be very big; there are safer options.

“You Have To Almost Work Harder To Fail Than Succeed in Franchising.”Chris Simnick 

One of the safest options when starting a business is franchising. Franchise businesses have proven to be worth a trial. And if you think that franchising will cost you millions, let us assure you that it will not. In fact, you can start a successful franchise with as low as $10,000. 

Check these franchises out: 

 Chester’s Franchise

  • Entrepreneur Franchise 500 Rank: 170
  • Initial investment: $8,639 to $296,598
  • New units in 2016: 375 units (+4.8 percent)

David Tonelson/Shutterstock

W.O. Giles started
Chester’s in 1952 and his primary product at that time was doughnuts that were fried using his patented fryers. Although his doughnuts were a hit, Chester’s became famous due to its signature fried chicken products. His business has skyrocketed up until now thanks to their delicious chicken. 

Today, his son Ted Giles is the current CEO of the company. They started franchising around 2004 in an attempt to expand their business. Chester’s has locations in college campuses, airports, convenience stores, truck stops, and supermarkets. Their strategic locations ensure you that your business will never run into bankruptcy because of the targeted market audience.  

 Buildingstars International

  • Entrepreneur Franchise 500 Rank: 298
  • Initial investment: $2,245 to $53,200
  • New units in 2016: 41 units (+6.4 percent)

This commercial cleaning company was founded in 1994 in St. Louis. It has been so successful that it has managed to expand to different states in the US and the UK. Currently, it has regional offices in Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, New York, Charlotte, N.C., Tampa Bay, Fla. and Austin, Texas. True to its name, Buildingstars International is a clean and green company with environment-friendly buildings and structures. Its services include nightly cleaning, green cleaning and consulting, and carpet and floor care.

 SuperGlass Windshield Repair

  • Entrepreneur Franchise 500 Rank: 336
  • Initial investment: $9,910 to $31,000
  • New units in 2016: 6 units (+1.9 percent)

Roman Zaiets/Shutterstock

If your passion is around cars and maintenance, SuperGlass Windshield Repair would be a perfect choice. It was first founded in Atlanta, Georgia in 1992 by David Casey, Bill Costello, and Bill Mitchell. Suffice to say it is one of the most successful companies in the world because it has expanded worldwide. It has locations throughout the world, including South Africa, Spain, France, and Germany. The private company is based in Orlando, Florida.

 Town Money Saver

  • Entrepreneur Franchise 500 Rank: 429
  • Initial investment: $5,700 to $17,000
  • New units in 2016: 0 units (+0 percent)

Town Money Saver is a monthly direct-mail advertising flyer distributed to homes and businesses. You can download their app to find local coupons in Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Indiana. It gives you access to local savings for restaurants, entertainment, home improvement, and many more discounts for your local businesses!


  • Entrepreneur Franchise 500 Rank: 476
  • Initial investment: $4,730 to $50,195
  • New units in 2016: -27 units (-3.8 percent)

Proforma provides small- to medium-sized business enterprises and large corporations in the US with business documents, forms, promotional products, and printing services among others. As a franchise owner, you generally act like a sales agent, helping your clients to select the best business models, promotional products, and eCommerce, media, and marketing solutions for their advertising and marketing needs. Proforma takes pride in delivering the best marketing solutions to promote the products, services, brands, and business for their clients.

Starting a business doesn’t need to be expensive and risky. You just have to be creative and willing to find the business model that works best for you. The world of franchising offers a safer option to venture in until you are stable enough to start your own company or brand.


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