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10 Things Every Salesperson Has To Know

To be successful, every business venture has to have good and successful salespeople. Actually, it is of vital importance to have at least one excellent salesperson. Still, not everyone can become one. Here, we are giving you the core characteristics of the most successful salespeople we’ve ever met. This article can help business owners to identify and hire the best sales candidates.It can also help you determine if you have what it takes for a career in sales.

“For every sale you miss because you’re too enthusiastic, you will miss a hundred because you’re not enthusiastic enough.” —Zig Ziglar

These are the personality traits required to be a successful businessperson.



Optimism is a must! Any salesperson has to be optimistic and those top ones even more than the average ones. They have to have a sense of humor, fun, and general positivity. Basically, they are realistic since they focus on what they can control but stay on the course with optimism about what they can achieve. They also don’t let anything drag them down. Are you such a person? Do you know someone who behaves this way?


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Good salespeople have to care about customer’s interests. Generally, customers want to know the salesperson personally to realize why the solution he/she offers makes sense. That means that they want to make sure their best interests are at heart. Customers have to be assured that a salesperson cares more about the greater good than his own selfish interests. When he gets customers trust, a salesperson can sell anything even at a higher price!


Multitasking is just a natural thing in any sales environment. A person who is not able to multitask cannot be a good salesperson. There are sales you have to close, leads you have to follow up, and potential leads calling or emailing for more information. A great salesperson can keep everything up and sorted. This leads to efficiency, and thus to better performance. Without multitasking, a seller will be slow and inefficient.


Salespeople first have to listen to the customer’s problems before talking about the product or service. To successfully sell their products/services, they have to present the solutions to the problems through understanding and listening to the customer. When the customers are done with presenting their problems, then the seller comes with ‘the perfect solution.’


Every good salesperson has to believe in the products he is selling or the services he is offering. If he doesn’t, then he isn’t going to make a customer believe in it. He has to confidently explain how the product or service is going to solve a problem for the customer otherwise he won’t get a new customer.


Every good salesperson has to always be aware of the circumstances and the things surrounding him. He has to see how his product or service might positively impact his environment. Thus, he will be prepared to present and make a sale at any moment. Even when you have your day off, you can meet a potential customer/client/buyer. Don’t lose them!



The most important secret of a good salesperson is to never look like selling anything. He is educating, giving faith and confidence. A salesperson has to quietly and invisibly demonstrate why customers should believe in him and, in turn, buy from him. He has to be subtle!


Top sellers have an ability to cope with difficulties. They can negotiate obstacles and optimize performance in the face of adversity. A good salesperson takes rejection as a personal challenge to succeed with the next customer rather than feeling depressed or defeated.


Extroverts are generally sociable. They become energized through spending time with other people. Also, they like to talk a lot and make friends easily. Generally, extrovert salespeople tend to have many interests which allow them to willingly meet people, chat about many different things and genuinely enjoy the interactions. The more topics they have for conversation, the better they at connecting with the customers.



You definitely have to be persistent if you want to be an excellent salesperson. Persistence reminds customers that you have a solution to their problems. By being persistent, you give them multiple chances to connect, to think twice. Sometimes, it can take more than ten times to get a response, but your customers will be thankful in the end.

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