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3 Must Do’s If You’re Planning On Grocery Shopping Amid The Coronavirus Outbreak

It’s isn’t safe to go grocery shopping anymore. The activity has gone from being normal to something that can potentially be deadly. If you feel a certain dread every time you go inside a grocery store nowadays, you’re not alone. Folks all over the globe are going through the same dilemma.

As humans, we need food to survive. However, we usually have to go out to buy food if we ever run out of groceries at home. Storing up and stockpiling food is a much smaller issue as opposed to going out and wishing that you don’t get infected by the coronavirus.

The problem is not just getting the virus from a grocery store but also causing the spread of it in your surroundings. With all that’s been said, here are some tips that you need to practice during your next grocery store trip.

Don’t forget to use a face mask

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Although healthy people aren’t as susceptible to the virus and may even be asymptomatic, they can still cause the virus to spread. This is the reason why experts have recommended that everyone must wear a face mask while going out.

Covering your mouth with a medical mask or a simple DIY mask doesn’t just mean that you’re trying to protect yourself, but it means that you are protecting your community as well.

Sanitize, sanitize, and then sanitize some more

Our reality today is that even if we’re just buying the necessary grocery items, we might end up touching other things like shopping carts, handles of doors, price tags, etc. Then after buying all the stuff we need, we’ll still have to interact with a credit card machine or physical cash.

You never really know how many infected hands touched the same item that you are carrying. That is why it is advised to use sanitizer after every encounter to avoid getting the coronavirus. Never touch your face with your hands even if a spot is itchy. Pick things up with your non-dominant hand wherever and whenever possible.

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Wipe that cart too

It is not your job to clean the cart, but who knows how many times the carriage has been used and who used it. The best thing you can do is wipe the handle of the shopping cart with a hand sanitizer and a tissue to kill the virus on the spot.

If you have wipes on you, or if the store is offering it, then use that to clean the cart’s handle. You need to be extra diligent in your approach to contain the virus and not get it. Happy shopping!

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