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This Is Why Jennifer Lopez Looks 30 Years Younger and Calls Herself A Happy Person!

If we rewind a few years, turning 50 was considered to be a big deal especially for an entertainer, simply because lost their appeal as far as looks are concerned. However, Jennifer Lopez is effectively redefining the meaning of what it means to turn 50, looking absolutely radiant by successfully defying the aging process.

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Not only a phenomenal singer, but Lopez is also recognized for her amazing acting skills.

There are many other celebrities who have crossed this age mark, including Jennifer Aniston and also Gwen Stefani. And although they have also maintained themselves very well, they still don’t look as young as Lopez. And Lopez does not only look young on the outside, but she is also young on the inside judging by the extremely fun birthday party she threw to commemorate the occasion.

Going On Tour

The singer is definitely in party mode, having launched a tour called It’s My Party, on her birthday. This would be the first tour which the singer is going on in the past six years. That’s not all. According to reports, Lopez has also been working simultaneously on Hustlers, an upcoming movie that she is working on as an actress. In the film, Lopez is a waitress who has a talent of manipulating money out of the rich men working on Wall Street.

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Lopez looks absolutely stunning in her upcoming film called Hustlers.

One may assume that it’s easy for Lopez to look so young and fresh simply because she has a lot of money, but you’d be surprised to know that most of her self-care regimen is accessible to all of us. We simply need to put in the necessary effort. Here are some of the core elements of Lopez’s routine.

Not Missing Working Out

All of us have a plethora of readily-available excuses which enable us to get out of going to the gym. However, Lopez holds herself extremely accountable in this matter, not skipping the gym unless absolutely necessary. According to her, even when she is extremely tired after a long day of work, and even if it is too late in the day, she would still work out simply because it requires only an hour of her time and the results on both her physical and mental health are absolutely amazing. Fun fact: she even worked out on her birthday!

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If there is one thing Lopez loves, it’s a good workout.

Having a routine is one aspect of why her workouts are so successful in enabling the star to look as young as her 20s (arguably even better). To keep her workouts interesting enough, Lopez makes amendments to her routine on a regular basis. She keeps switching trainers to bring in new challenges to her workout plan, and also makes sure she is having as much fun doing it as possible.

Since she has been exercising with various trainers, there is perhaps no exercise that the singer and actress is uncomfortable performing. From kickboxing to doing lunges, Lopez has got all bases covered, giving her body a perfectly toned appearance. According to Lopez, a major reason why she is confident about calling herself a happy person is because her workouts, including dancing, provides a lot of positive emotion, giving her a sustained feeling of contentment.

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