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Five Innovative Ways to Get Up Early and Stay Awake

We all hear from successful people that being an early bird is a charm, but most people just can’t get out of bed and keep alert for the rest of the day. They have an insane urge to stay in bed all day, especially since good sleep is seemingly becoming a privilege nowadays. How can you motivate yourself to start waking up early? You might need an outside intervention, but we have some tips to help you stay awake and alert throughout the day.

Keep Your Alarm Clock Out of Reach


An alarm clock can help you get up early, but most people have never understood its significance; they see it as practically useless. This is because soon after it goes off, they reach for it and turn it off. Then what, afterward? They go back to sleep, and their attempt to wake up early is thwarted. 

When your alarm clock is within your reach, it becomes easy to turn it off. Rather, put the alarm clock out of your reach though so that when it rings, you will have no choice but to get up and walk some distance to turn it off. After that,  you will most likely be inclined to stay awake; all the sluggishness and drowsiness will disappear. 


Make Your Bed Right Away

Right after you turn your alarm off, make your bed right away. This will signal your brain that your sleeping time is over and that it is time to start your day. Also,  making your bed is a sign that you are in control of your life. Making your bed means that you are ready to face the day and handle any type of situation for the rest of the day! Make this the first thing you do every morning.

Use the Cold Water Trick


The moment you wake up, drink some cold water to kickstart your metabolism—just a few sips will do. You can also splash some cold water onto your face to rejuvenate yourself. Furthermore, a cold shower in the morning has many health benefits. 

 Have a Morning Workout

When you are finally awake and hydrated, what better way to start your day than by working out? This is the perfect time to commit to a healthy lifestyle by working out! Go out and jog or take a walk with your dog. Other easy exercises include yoga, jumping jacks, pushups, and sit-ups. These physical activities will warm up your muscles and increase your heart rate, flooding your system with happy hormones to keep you motivated to face the day.

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