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6 Untold Rules for Taking a Relationship Break

While taking a relationship break may seem like the perfect antidote for the upheavals and issues in your love life, it can either make or break your relationship. When taken in the wrong spirit, it can become the vehicle to end your partnership altogether.

However, when handled with wisdom and care, it can give both you and your partner the space and time you need to grow and come back stronger. That said, there are some unspoken rules that you need to follow to make sure you have a peaceful and fruitful relationship break. In this article, we will discuss six untold rules for taking a relationship break:

Tira / Pexels | Normalize taking a break from your relationship when you need to.

Define the Rules

Start by defining the rules of the break. What does it involve? Are you taking a break from each other? Or, are you giving each other the freedom to date other people? Are you still going to communicate, or are you cutting all contact? Clarify all terms early on. So that, you can prevent any misunderstandings or feelings of betrayal in the future.

Identify the Purpose

The purpose of taking a relationship break is not just to focus on your individual needs. It should also be an opportunity for both of you to re-evaluate your relationship. Identify why you need a break in the first place and what this break will help accomplish. Discuss these reasons and be honest with each other.

Are you taking a break because you need space or because you want to break up but are afraid of being alone? Once you identify the purpose, it will be easier for you to plan and follow through on the terms you both agreed on.

Shvets / Pexels | Before taking a break from your relationship, make sure to set well-defined rules.

Honor the Time Frame

When taking a relationship break, it is crucial to set a time frame. This time frame should be honest and realistic. It would help if you did not play games with each other by extending the break without consultation or notice.

Be respectful and considerate of each other’s time and needs, and honor the agreed-upon time. If you both need more time, then talk to each other and decide if an extension is necessary.

Respect Each Other’s Privacy

Even though you are taking a break, it is essential to respect each other’s privacy. It would help if you did not bombard each other with calls or messages. Give your partner the time and space without pressuring them with constant check-ins as this can be claustrophobic and drive them away. If they do not respond immediately, do not overthink what this means. Instead, respect their wishes.

Matt / Pexels | When taking a break, make sure to set a mutually agreed time frame and adhere to that.

Understand What You Really Need

When you take a relationship break, it Is essential to understand what you really want. Take this opportunity to evaluate what you both need in a relationship, what you enjoy about your partner, and what you do not.

This evaluation will help you understand whether your relationship is worth continued investment should you decide to end the break. Ideally, you should set goals to work towards during the break. For instance, take up a new hobby, travel, or work on your personal weaknesses.

Be Honest

Finally, do not forget to be honest with each other about your experiences during the break. Share your feelings, concerns, and what you discovered about yourself and your relationship.

In the long run, this honest communication can help both of you make an informed decision about whether to continue the relationship or move on.

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