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Seven Tips for Minimalists – Beginner’s Guide

Minimalist lifestyle has become highly popular lately. It is amazing how simple life can be when observed from the minimalist’s perspective—only highly necessary things are used in their everyday lives. When we consider it a little deeper, it really makes sense! Since many things you own don’t have a purpose, you can just throw them away and forget about them.

In some way, everyone wants to simplify his or her life as much as possible, so these tips for minimalist beginners will be helpful even if you don’t want to minimalize every corner of your life.

Apply them whenever you can, and you’ll see how beautiful simple life can be!

Think carefully about it first


Think about all the reasons why you want to live a simple life. Many parts of our lives can actually be simplified, so you should first write them down. Is it your debt or stressful nights? Is it your boss, pay, or even family relations? Write everything down. This will help you realize what you are aiming for and to remember what matters in the whole process.


Get rid of all the duplicates

Walk through your home and look for duplicates of the things you have. Take a box and fill it with them. For example, if you have two sets of the same glasses, put one of them in the box. Furthermore, if you have the same copies of books, DVDs, or any other similar items, put it in the box too. When you finish, label the box “Duplicates” and remove it from your sight for at least two weeks. If you don’t remember it in that period, donate it’s contents because you have no use for them.

Create a mess-free zone

It is not so important to have such a zone, but it is important to keep it clean and tidy. Use that mess-free zone as your future inspiration to live with fewer things. If you enjoy that zone or that place, you can expand it whenever you get the chance. It can even become a mess-free room, hallway, or even home!


Travel with ease

When people travel, they usually pack too many things for the trip. After that, they handle hard suitcases and think about all the things they’ve packed. It only becomes clear after the trip that they could have passed with half of the things in their bags. Next time, make sure that you travel with ½ of your usual luggage. If you are traveling for six days, pack for three days, and so on. Remember that you can wash clothes while on vacation, or you can wear the same thing more than once. This will help you see how easier it will be to travel with less luggage.

Dress in fewer clothes

Try to keep fewer items in your wardrobe, and by that, we mean that you keep only those clothes you wear. You should give away items you don’t use such as shoes, clothes, jewelry or other accessories because you don’t have any use for them. You will instantly notice how your life changes. For example, you will know your exact wearing combinations for every day, and your life will actually become easier in many ways! There is even a project 333, which includes dressing in only 33 items for 3 months. That can be challenging, too!

Eat similar meals every week

It is really exhausting to think over and over again about all the things you should eat every day. Instead, create a menu for every week! You should also include meals that you can use more than once, as well as ingredients you can repeat in different meals. This will make you feel relieved of hours and hours of thinking about your next meal. Of course, you can improvise in the meantime.

Create the emergency fund


This fund can simplify everything in your life. First, if you are paying off debts, you should pay only your minimum payments until you reach $1000 of your emergency fund. If you don’t have any debts, you can set money aside until you reach $1000 or $2000. Money for emergency cases can reduce stress levels and help us to think about our future differently.

You can try applying either one or even all of these tips, but one thing is for sure – you will simplify your life significantly, even more than you could imagine!

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