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Famous Couples Everyone Wishes Will Never Break Up

Every couple hopes that their relationship will blossom into something genuinely beautiful and lasting. However, forever may not seem a word to describe love especially to most celebrities out there.

Many relationships and even marriages came to an end – unfortunately resulting to divorce. They probably have started into something really romantic and beautiful, but failed to make their own happy endings. This we all don’t want to happen, not to our favorite stars and show business personalities, and definitely not to us.

And just like anybody else, most of us, especially their fans, we keep our fingers crossed that these celebrity couples won’t end their relationships. Let’s see who the fantastic duos we have on the list are.

Kevin Bacon & Kyra Sedgwick

celebrity couple 2Being together for nearly three decades, Kyra and Kevin only prove that “relationship goals” can be met. These goals are possible especially if you are committed to making it happen.

Kyra once enthused about her husband, saying, “I don’t know how he does it, but he always makes me feel like I’m the most beautiful woman in the room – the only girl in the room. He says ‘Honey, you look beautiful!’ Always, always, always!”

The happy couple previously tied the knot in 1988 after costarring in the film Lemon Sky in the late 1980s. To date, the early 50’s couple is focused on balancing their career and family as well as their strong relationship. “It wasn’t easy and it still isn’t,” The Closer star revealed. The two are parents to a son, Travis, 27, and a daughter, Sosie, 24.

Barack and Michelle Obama

The former POTUS and FLOTUS – the so-called “Mobama” couple – have been married since 1992. Keeping faith, love, respect, and trust in the relationship. It has helped them in rearing their two lovely daughters as well as in inspiring the entire nation for eight years and counting.

They have the cutest first date story which was even turned into a movie. They are the ultimate power couple. Barack even once flew Mish to New York for a date night just because he promised her woman that he would while on the campaign trail. It’s keeping your promises and being with your better half and kids as much as you can.

During his emotional, final speech as POTUS, Obama gave his wife the biggest shout out of all: “For the past 25 years, you’ve not only been my wife and the mother of my children, you’ve been my best friend. You took on a role you didn’t ask for and you made it your own with grace, grit, and style.

Obviously, I couldn’t have done anything that I’ve done without Michelle… not only has she been a great first lady, she is just my rock,” Barack said in an Oprah episode. “I count on her in so many ways every single day.

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi

celebrity coupleDespite divorce rumors that circulate over the web, their marriage remains strong and alive. The DeGeneres couple is still happily married and not planning to file for a divorce soon. Sources close to the couple insisted that reports claiming that they are on the verge of a split are completely false.

Ellen and Portia have been struggling to keep their marriage alive these last few months. And now Ellen is apparently trying to squash divorce buzz, despite ongoing media reports about their troubled marriage,” source said in a report.

Just a Few Reminders

Marriage is not a fairytale. Most people who stay together for decades don’t march through years of marriage with comfort and flying colors.  Instead, they have to fight, grind and remain focused on their objective.  We often hear about people ending their relationships because they “just weren’t happy anymore,” or “I fell out of love with my partner,” as if marriage is like a piece of gum that you replace when the sugar runs out. If you think of love as a perpetual source of instant gratification; then, it probably bests that you never get married.

It really feels great to be in love. Being in a long-term relationship with that special someone provides you with a sense of warmth and security, especially after numerous failed attempts and a string of heartbreak. Those celeb duos we have above only proved that love wins and we should all get our faith in love back.

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