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Mariah Carey Being the Usual Mariah: Singer Literally Shone Brightly with 121-Carat Diamonds

There simply is no excuse to go simple for Mariah Carey, who may be equated with the word “extra,” as the singer definitely knows how to be iconic in her performances and appearance. The Songbird Supreme is notable for her whistle register and strong voice, but she is also known for being no less than a diva, making sure that she receives the best of the best, the only thing fit for a queen.

That’s why when she graced the Cannes’ amFAR Gala, Mariah showed that she will shine the brightest, not just with her classy vibe but also because of her bling. The 50-year-old stepped out with diamonds so sparkly it could basically blind onlookers. But these aren’t simply any fancy pieces of jewelry, these reportedly totaled 121 carats!

121-Carat Accessories

Maria Carey’s accessories during Cannes amFAR Gala came from the Garden of Kalahari collection

These unmissable and enviable accessories were from the Garden of Kalahari collection of Chopard. The stones all came from the Queen of Kalahari diamond that was then 342 carats before it was cut into 23 gems.

Mariah’s necklace has a 50-carat brilliant cut diamond that was flanked with 18K white gold. The ring, meanwhile, features a cushion-cut diamond that was said to be 20 carats and the matching earrings shone brightly with pear-shaped and heart-shaped diamonds that were 25 carats and 26 carats, respectively.

So as not to outshine the jewelry, Mariah opted for a black dress with a plunging neckline, making people shift their focus to the accessories. Of course, MiMi only deserves the extra sparkle, which is why the whole aesthetic was just expected of her. Remember that she had previously stunned with gigantic pieces, too.

Butterfly Ring

Mariah Carey is known to be fond of butterflies

Earlier in May, Mariah attended the Billboard Music Awards where she accepted the icon award and fittingly, she wore a massive diamond butterfly ring. The Lambily, or what her avid fans are collectively called, would know that the singer is fond of the insect, so much so that it even became a title of her 1997 hit. The band was probably one of the biggest ones she had ever worn with the same design.

In a way, a butterfly has been synonymous to Mariah because of a lot of things. Her “Butterfly” album pushed forward her career and may be a sign of her metamorphosis in the music industry. So it is safe to say that we can expect more jewelry with the design of the insect in the future.

Mariah Carey allegedly sold her engagement ring for $2.1 million.

Speaking of which, do you remember her engagement ring that her ex James Packer gave her? Of course you do, it cost an arm and a leg and was such a beauty. What good will it do you if you still have it, right? Well, that’s what Mariah might be thinking but instead of returning the gem to her former flame, she reportedly sold it for $2.1 million and bought herself two butterfly rings.

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